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  • Josh Josh Sep 16, 2008 9:54 AM Flag

    Fair big trade?

    I give:

    Alex Semin
    Chris Pronger

    Jose Theodore

    I get:

    Thomas Vanek
    Mark Streit
    Tomas Vokoun.

    ive been trying to get a better goalie, and also i have too many washington forwards. IS THIS A FAIR TRADE??

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    • Nah, terrible trade for you to do this early. Although without PIM Pronger's value is significantly less, he's still an elite fantasy d-man and is worth more than that. Besides, I like Theodore's chances this season, and with your other goalie being Tim Thomas - who is in my mind less of a risk than Vokoun, who barely played at all last year and whose team will be fighting to crack the top 10 in the East (and I don't like their chances) - I think you are decent for goalies, but if you are looking for an upgrade, aim a bit higher than Vokoun.

      How was that for a run-on sentence? Oh Yahoo message boards, how I've missed you. Hey Jay O I hear you are going to join our H2H league! Look forward to beating you :)

    • Fair enough. My league doesn't use Penalty minutes as a category. For the record I wouldn't do the trade that you first suggested, and I'd drop Tim Thomas & pick up Vokoun. unless you have the bn spots to carry an extra goalie in which case I'd pick up Vokoun and carry 3 goalies...

    • Three things in Brunette's favour, Plus/Minus, Scoring consistency career wise and the fact that he has been a healthy starter for the last 5 seasons, all things that Williams cannot also claim.

    • Why would you keep Brunette over Jason Williams?

    • PS. Vokoun is projected to be slightly better than Theodore this year - if you feel a trade must be done offer Tim Thomas instead, he's a few spots back in the projections. Labarbara of course is four from last - so maybe Conklyn as your Freebie.

    • LaBarbera and Conklyn are your best options because Labarbera is a starter on a team equally as bad as Vokoun's Panthers and he comes for free.

      And although he won't play a heck of a lot, when he does chances are it will be a win for Conklyn.

      I would go with the Kings goalie for now, at least he will get lots of starts and see a lot of shots.

    • I wouldn't do it at this time in the season because you are dealing at parity with your opponent. You have probably the strongest defence in the league and because of that I would wait until some one is desperate in a month for some D-line help. let the other guy deal from a point of weakness.

      Pronger alone is a high price to pay for a goalie who was barely 50% last year and who is playing on a team that is significantly worse.

      I would offer him Pronger and Semin for his best goalie and that goalie better be a top five and on a winning team or forget it, tell him thats the offer today and in a month it will be only Pronger.

      Speaking of net minders who's on your team?

    • anyone else?

    • Looks fine to me... altho I favor team A more since pronger will grab u points in multiple categories. Semin is good if he can stay healthy. Vanek... we'll see if he can perform on a top level once again. He had a really slow start last season but picked it up after. Vokoun is better than Theodore hands down... so yea it's fair. Which other goalies do u have?

    • ok thanks, anyone else?

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