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    1st Year Keeper League Needs Managers

    Looking for dedicated and proven managers for a first year H2H Keeper League.

    It's a 14 team league with rules as follows:

    Pick an existing NHL team name and select 2 players from that team as your keepers. The rest of the players go into the free agent pool. Following the draft you can re-name your team to whatever you wish.

    There is a limit on the maximum number of transactions per season (set to 50). Don't join if you can't play with this rule.

    At the end of the season each team selects 8 keepers for the following season. Non/Under-performing managers will not be invited the following season.

    Reply to this message with your email and previous fantasy hockey experience if you wish to be considered for this keeper league. Serious and committed managers ONLY!

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    • League is full. Thanks to all that showed interest.

    • Hey i am VERY interested in this keeper league, i have never been in a keeper league but would love to try it. i have played fantasy hockey for 3 years now and won all 3, 2 offline and 1 online. e-mail, jaffcarter85@rogers.com. please consider me for this league as i don't stop playing half way through the season.

    • BTW, my e-mail address is pgmlambert@yahoo.com

    • I have been playing Yahoo! FH since 2003-2004. I have played in the maximum number of leagues that Yahoo! allows per e-mail account, four, every year except I skipped 2004-2005 as I had a lot going on that year (new job, new baby).

      In 16 leagues played over four seasons, my record is as follows ("Place" is "out of 12 teams" unless otherwise noted):

      1st Place - 1
      2nd Place - 1
      4th Place - 3
      5th Place - 2
      6th Place - 1
      8th Place - 2 (One of these is out of 10 teams and I was the Commissioner of that league)
      9th Place - 2
      10th Place - 3
      11th Place (out of 16 teams) - 1

      One thing you should know about me is I have a pet peeve against fantasy players who give up. I never give up playing, even when my team has no chance of making the playoffs. I still play to place as high as possible. I'm also very competitive. If it's the last game of the year before the playoffs and I play someone who will not make the playoffs unless they beat me, you can rest assured I'm going to do my best to beat them, even if I'm in last place. I'm no pushover. So, if you need that one win to make it to the playoffs, you'd better play your best players, 'cause I'm sure going to play mine! :)

      If you pick me, I will be choosing two players from the Boston Bruins. I'm 44 years old. I lived in Massachusetts my whole life and moved to North Carolina two and a half years ago. But I'll always be a fan of Boston sports.

      - Paul

    • I would be interested in joining. I played last year for the first time and know what I'm doing finished 1st.with one team and 3rd.with the other.you can take a look at my profile and you will see my record if you want.If I don't hear from you by 9\9\08 I will assume you not interested in me so I will move on and find another league to join. My email is maple_leafs.blue@hotmail.com

    • i've been playing fantasy hockey for a few years. I have two second place trophies and a couple first place finishes in smaller leagues. I have always taken fantasy hockey seriously. Even if I know I cant win I still try to finish as high as possible. Let me know if there is space available in your keeper league.

    • Hey, something happened to my first reply. I am very interested. Been playing fantasy hockey for about 5 years. Serve in the Army overseas and this is one of the few outlets of activities we get. Play several leagues with mixed results. I stick it out to the end no matter how good/bad I may be at the time.
      my email: bryan_leblanc@sbcglobal.net
      Team Choices: Vancouver, Dallas, Boston

      Thanks for the time

    • Spots for 5 more managers remaining.

      Teams Taken: Pens, Sens, Lightning, Wings, Sharks, Flames, Caps

    • count me in, I have done this for four of the last six years, email is ion_blueline@hotmail.com

    • I would like to join your keeper league as the Blackhawks...I have many years of fantasy exp. and will never quit...just like NHLers. My em is crambrone@yahoo.com.

      I noticed your Red Sox pic...I live in Providence and want to get a keeper league going w/ locals so we can have a LIVE draft and meet up for games, trades and pints...do you live in the area?

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