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  • Veritas0Aequitas Veritas0Aequitas Apr 18, 2008 5:48 PM Flag

    If you had the 1st pick overall in a Keeper..

    Who would you take? I have the 1st pick overall for out Inagural draft and I am really having a hard time with this. I'm deciding between Ovechkin, Crosby, and Heatley. I'd appreciate any thoughts and opinions!

    The scoring goes G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, GWG (7th category is going to be either SOG or SHP)


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    • 1.Ovechkin

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    • Take Crosby because he will have more sogs,a better plus/minus and so on. Ovechkin will only get more goals. Plus Crosby plays with Hossa and Malkin!! Take my advice take Crosby.

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      • Lets see,

        Crosby's shots on goal have dropped have dropped by 0.168 per game, or about one shot every six games, not much of a decline but still more than 175 shots or 2.134 pucks on net per game less than Alex Ovechkin. Alex O takes that one.

        Crosby's shot percentage has steadily declined, dropping by 0.00% since last seasons career high while Alex O's has improved by 0.024% since his rookie season. So Ovechkin is netting 2.378 goals more the Crosby if they both take the exact same number of shots. Alex O's got that one too.

        Plus/Minus wise Crosby has steadily improved to plus 18, which is a 45% better than last year, where as Alex O bounced back from a horrendous minus 19 to a whopping plus 28 which is a mere 480% improvement. by the way his Plus/Minus also just happens to be 45% better than Crosby's this year. That would mean that Alex O's +/- has improved over ten times greater than Sid the Kid's during the same period. 3 for 3, game, set and match for the Alex O.

        To summarize Alex Ovechkin is putting up production totals in goals alone that are far superior to Sid the Kids in the categories you cited. And Alexander the Great is accomplishing that without the "help" of Malkin and Hossa.

        Jamaicamonguy you better stay away from the Yalokum Gold -it's addled your brain.

    • Also, our Keeper league is drafting May 1st (so pretty soon) does anyone know any sites that have end of the season rankings? Or does anyone have opinions on the top 20-30 players to draft? Thanks!

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      • Personally I think it's a little premature to draft your players without knowing the results of free agency. I would want to know which team a player is on because that influences my decision.

        And remember there is also a number of players that hang them up for good at the end of every campaign - hate to waste a pick on someone who's not going to skate come September. Sure Selanne and Niedermayer hung them up just to dust them off - but were they really all that valuable to you after clinging onto them until Christmas. Only if you managed to trade them to some other sucker.

        And lets not forget the number of free agents or soon to be bought out and released players that may not get signed at all. Hello minors Mr. Emery, thanks for the laughs. Again a wasted pick.

        So if your league is drafting now then just use a dart board and a blindfold to pick your roster, you'll have just as much success then by any other practical method.

    • Ovechkin for sure. Crosby is a C, easier position to fill. And don't bother with Heatley you may be able to pick him up in the second round LOL. Definitely consider Malkin before Crosby or Heatley, but I'd go with Alex Ovechkin anyways.

    • Do you really think Heatley will have another 50g 50a 50+ PIM awesome +/- season with all the trouble in Ottawa looming?

    • heatley i guarentee he has another 50g 50a season

    • Id have to go with Ov on this one. He is by far the best goal scorer in the league.

    • Alex O without a doubt, then I might lean a little more to Malkin the Heatly. Crosby definately second.

    • I am on OV fan. I think the man is insane! Most SOG's, most goals and points. He draws penalties from time to time and he had a positive plus/minus (I believe). OV for me! Have had him for 2 season on NHL.com and lost in the championship on a tie-breaker last year, won this year convincingly.


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