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  • Donn K Donn K Mar 25, 2008 7:54 PM Flag

    Cheater? Me?

    Here's the situation. Regular season champion in my Head to Head league.
    So, after the first round buy, I find myself losing 4-3 on Saturday night...and I have zero players on Sunday, I'm toast unless I act. I have one guy who is DTD anyhow, and Daniel Carcillo from Phoenix (god love him...) who nobody seemed interested in all year. Each team has a total 15 players, position, goalie and bench. Anyway, I drop 4 players, including my DTD (Sundin) and Carcillo. Pick up guys who are playing on Sunday. I also grabbed a goalie but he did not help since he did not play. In the end, I get a GWG and two goals which gives me the win 5-4. That's how close it was. And now I'm a cheater. WTF? Am I supposed to just lose? I know there will be varying opinions, but cheater? C'mon.
    On a side note, the Commish, who I am playing in the finals has benched his entire team in protest. ???? Nice.

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    • I agree with you you do this Fantasy shit to win and you play within the league rules thats all that matters

    • NAh...ADD n DROP is the best weapon..He's a sore loser!

    • Idk if i should take his ass to Jenny Jones or Jerry Springer....hahahahah {nope you didn't cheat}

    • that how the game is played if that's cheating then the other people just need to suck it up or find a girls league!!!!!!!

    • ahahah, if the commisioner is dumb enough to bench his team to 'protest' then just take the win and move on.

    • This is a problem in many of these public leagues for sure. I was playing a guy in the semi's who did the same thing except he dropped his entire team and filled it with FA from those four teams playing Sunday. It would have worked if Dubi had played for NYI. The problem now is all his players are available for the finals as well as another guy who just dropped everyone to cause havoc. The guy i'm playing started to pick up all these top players ....what do I do? Doesn't seem like any kind of skill is required here.

    • There's absolutely nothing wrong with what you did. It's not cheating; it's just a damn good strategy. The person you beat is just pissed off because he lost. Boo to sore losers.

    • I struggle with this in the league Im in too. Im first place seed, and lost in the 2nd round of playoffs to the 4th place seed. I had 17 guys for a roster that week and he had 21 by doing exactly what you were doing. I identified what he was doing early on, but made a conscious decision to not partake in that activity. I just dont condone it, and if I lose, so be it.

      However, I see both sides - you dont want to lose, but if this game is supposed to represent Hockey in same way, IMO its not the intention of the rules to allow you to have a yard sale of players in exchange for a whole new team - it just isnt what is was designed to do. Yes you can do it, but you can also stick your finger in your eye because it fits. Does it make it right? I dont think so. But I can see the other side too....

      The Commish has to have some responsibility in this... for not having the foresight to see this. Granted I know of few that put thought into how devious any one person can be in a league, and the Commish does expect everyone to play the way he would Im sure, but ultimately he sets the rules and makes the calls on whats right and whats not.

      I learned a lot about what Im going to do next year when I commission my own league... I'll combat this behavior by giving teams a larger roster, and limit the number of moves they can make in a season. Not only will this cause them to think more about making moves, but there will be less incentive to do it, since most of the free agents worth dropping a current player for will be on someone elses team. Keep the FA pool down to the bottom of the league, and youll force people to trade, or ride it out.

      Just my $.02.

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      • For Mark S...I totaly agree with what you say about loading up on players and how that can be viewed as unfair even though it falls with in the "guidlines" of fairplay as defined by Yahoo.

        However, I don't view what I did as stacking, or loading up or having a yard sale. I dropped/added the absolute minimum of what I felt I could afford to lose in order to TRY to win, while still maintaining the core of my team. I feel that padding your stats, although not a violation of the rules in H2H, is certainly a good way to piss someone off. I dont feel I did that.

        I still have my core players, and actually have kept the ones that I picked up when this whole mess started. Not that it matters due to the childish protest.

        Thank you guys for your input.

      • Ultimately, H2H public leagues are a springboard to custom leagues.

        Many purists will find the stacking strategy to be unfulfilling and lacking as far as skill goes.

        If you don't want to be held down by restrictions, than that's fine. Continue playing in Public leagues or leagues without move limits.

        This is my rookie season for H2H (Public). I still beat a stacker while only making a couple of counter moves myself. Even though I may win, it will be my last in the Public or default format with unlimited moves.

        Making the pool deeper may help but without a cap on the moves, one could still stack to increase games played.

        So your settings for next season sound ideal.

    • Some people just don't understand the concept of using all the players in the league. I mean if the league allows the move then why not. Some people get angry cause they don't think of doing it first. I have been using it all year.

    • I see nothing wrong. Stayed within the rules.

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