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  • GGS GGS Mar 16, 2008 9:52 AM Flag

    Goalie Games Max

    Im in 15 team points only league, each team has 2 goalie positions and none of the teams can even get close to the max games. As a result goalies are at a premium and teams will try and pick up any minor league goalie with a pulse in order to make up games. Does anyone else have this problem in thier league?

    Can yahoo not limit the goalie games to 70 instead of 82 without affecting the other position requirements? If not I might have to drop the # of goalies to only one next year, its not exactly a popular oiption.

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    • It varies from league to league. You don't have to just carry 2 goalies, you can get 3 (backup) to help fill in some gaps. Each league is set up differently with max games and such. It varies. Next year, maybe get in a smaller league so there are more options and players available. Or start your own league with different settings. Lots of things you can do.


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