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  • Ricky Simo Ricky Simo Feb 24, 2008 3:49 PM Flag

    Did I just get hosed?

    So the other night I was up late waiting around for someone so I made a bunch of trade offers. One got accepted and now I am a little remorseful.

    I am in first place in a 7-team, 20-starter league. I have enough games left for three centers but I am carrying 5 (plus several wingers with C eligibility) and I need to start 7 D the rest of the way to make up some lost games.

    Here was the deal:

    Give Eric Staal, Bouwmeester and Henrik Sedin

    Get Jason Spezza, Ryan Whitney (D) and Wideman

    It helps me position-wise but with Spezza in a slump and Bouwmeester playing well I am wondering if I made a good move. I am not all that comfortably in first, I've got about a 4-point lead (give or take half a point every day)

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    • wideman plays the point on the pp with chara, whitney has been playing to his potential lately(finally, i have him on my team) and Spezza's little slump shouldn't be to much of a consern. Watch him play, he's a great player his streak will turn i nthe other direction(I also have spezza and am very impressed with him). I think you made a good deal.

    • Hey Andrew, not a reply to your question but an invitation. I'm planning on running a H2H league next year with people that I feel are quite knowledgeable (based on the posts I've read), enjoys good competition, and plays the game with integrity. I have a few people interested on the list so far, such as WildDingo, Punch, King of Kings, and Pickleheadedmonster in case you are wondering and want to research. A few other invites and considering a few others. I can provide you with more details over email (basic ones include: at least 10 teams, set lineups weekly, min goalie starts, a few more categories than public leagues, etc).

      If you are interested, please email me at: europebn@yahoo.ca with the subject 'yahoo fantasy hockey 08/09'.

    • Given your situation you didn't get hosed at all... im in the same boat with lots of great C but running out of games.. you are going to take a hit when guys no that you have got to make room


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