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  • Troy Troy Feb 24, 2008 1:17 PM Flag


    Just been offered Stillman and Gonchar for Kovalchuk and Streit.
    H2H league with scoring of goals, assists, +/-, PIMs, PPP, SOG

    Kovy has been god-awful lately (since before the all-star break) and his value will only diminish if/when Hossa gets traded. Atlanta also is terrible. Stillman gets first unit PP time in Ottawa, and gets occasional first line time, when the big 3 get broken up -- so his value will only rise. Streit is quietly having a very solid season, but Gonchar is a top-3 dman in my league.

    Thoughts? The way Kovalchuk has been playing, his value just keeps diminishing.....1 goal in like his last dozen games.....showing no signs of life either.

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    • Thanks, I had thought about both him and johnny oduya today as i was watching the devils game.....both of them are available along with the other 2-3 guys i listed before. Thanks again for your input....and who would've thought that a kovalchuk post would grow to be so big.

    • wow, that's a long thread...

      the other d-man who has been good is NJ's Paul Martin. Also, when Kronwall comes back from IR he is good in +/- as well but Martin is the better choice because he plays on #1 PP unit. Kronwall will get some PP time while Rafalski and Lidstrom are out but he will go back to about 30-45 sec once they are back.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that Martin is easily 3 times better than Gonchar if you want to address your +/- needs. He will not get as many PP points or points in general but he has been good.

    • Im not sure what im going to do, but I do appreciate your help and posts....good looks, and hopefully i can return the favor one day.

    • haha thanks....anytime i post that i have kovalchuk, ovechkin and vinny, people start with their "bullshit league" comments.....so i guess i've just grown accustomed to explaining things before its even asked.

      yeah, basically the areas i am suffering in now are mainly plus-minus, and PPP.....i wish you were just plain-out right and kovy just comes around....i still think he is a great elite player and has immense potential....but he just has been nothing but a detriment to my team for pretty much 5 straight H2H weeks now (guys like Ryan Malone, Chris Kunitz, etc. have made more contributions than Ilya has)....I am considering proposing Ilya and Streit for Langkow, Vanek and Schneider and see if she bites. I dont even think Langkow is that good, but my number one competition in the H2H playoffs will be the team with Iginla.....so maybe having one of his linemates can help neutralize Iggys points. I would drop Jason Williams, who i just recently picked up off of waivers.

    • lol, i don't comment on leagues i only offer my opinion on your question.

      your center and LW is already very strong, I would just play Roltson while Kovalchuk is taking time off but be ready to put him in... Hossa will not depart without a trace. Atlanta will get something good in return.

      in terms of d-men, if you really need some +/- help then get Keith and drop your worst d-man in terms of +/- (be it Streit or whoever).

    • My centers are currently Lecavalier, Getzlaf and Elias (LW also, which is where i play him most of the time). And I have Ovechkin and Rolston (LW/RW) plus kovalchuk.

      Before you think bullshit league -- its only a 10 team league and I drafted Vinny and Getzlaf......traded Jagr for Kovalchuk very early on (Rangers fan thought that Jagr would score 100 pts playing with Drury) and traded M.Richards, Justin Williams (FA pickups) and Dipi for Ovechkin about 25-30 games in to a team desperate for goaltending.

      The best FA d-men out there are Wideman and Duncan Keith....and the best FA LWs are Sturm, Vermette and Avery.

    • Giggy on waivers at this point in the year????

      THAT IS BRUTTLE!!!!!!

    • i think it's good but it depends who your current centers are... I think it will take Sakic ~10 games to get back on the horse although he did have an assist tonight, I didn't see the game and can't tell just how rusty he is.

      In terms of the original trade, who is the best FA d-man and LW available in your league (or 2nd LW on your team)?

    • what do you think about trading kovalchuk for sakic and vanek? i actually still havent accepted the trade posed in the message board, as i decided to mull it over a little bit and not act in haste.

    • oh definitely not in the real world! i would have to be out of my skull to do this in real life.....but as far as fantasy hockey goes....it helps my team in 4 offensive categories (assists, +/-, PPP, PIMs), while i only take a hit in 2 offensive categories (goals, SOG).

      but have you seen any Atlanta games recently on tv.....they are really friggin terrible as a team. and opposing teams just key in on kovalchuk and hossa, knowing that stopping either or both of them pretty much guarantees a win......now if hossa leaves, teams only have to worry about kovalchuk.......todd white and mark recchi are great 3rd line players.....but not 2/3 of anyones dream first line.

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