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  • Chris Chris Feb 21, 2008 5:13 PM Flag

    Elias for Toews vetoed?


    I'm in first place in a h2h league with standard point settings. I offered a trade to the guy in last place, Elias for his Toews. It was accepted and then vetoed by my league. I posted a message on the board there to ask why, since I figure this to be a pretty fair trade given the two players' stats. I was shocked to see that the main reason for the veto was the fact that I am in first and the guy I'm trading with is in last.

    Here is what the commish said:
    "At this point, when the last place guy has absolutely no chance of making the playoffs, it doesn't really matter if the trade is fair or not. Any trade that has the potential of benefiting a team that's in the playoff running is probably going to be vetoed by the other teams in the running. So unless the trade is between two 'top' teams or two 'bottom' teams, I don't think it's gonna be allowed. "

    Just wondering what everyone thought about this.

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    • I hate fantasy players who absolutely suck at this game, solely relying on luck to win the game, and therefore never make trades. Then they wonder why they are not winning, so the only thing to make their sorry asses feel better is to veto other ppls perfectly fair trades to try and prevent any other team from benniffiting. For anyone who does not believe in trading, (a few in my league)...you are boring cowards who don't take any risks in life and unfortunately because of the veto you drag other people down to your own pathetic level. Your trade is perfectly fair, and you can tell everyone in your league to go screw themselves.

    • Is your commissioner Gary Bettman?

      What a retard; that is absurd.

    • Think about it for a second....

      If the team is in last place in the league, with absolutely no hope of making the playoffs.....

      It wouldn't make sense for him to make or accept any trades

      He is now out of the race and any trade involving him could be considered 'fishy' whether fair or not. Since he cannot better his team to even make the playoffs, it simply does not make any sense for him to trade.

      Thus any trade involving him should be vetoed!!!!

      UNLESS it is a keeper league.


    • elias for toews is a very fair trade but probably the best for you that it did get a veto. Elias is on fire the last month. I have him in my pool ad like always he steps up in the last 30 games of the season. He was in the top 5 hottest players fan point wise last month. Be happy your trade got a veto.

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      • i saw this as an opportunity to gain toews. i think he is a gifted player and a go to guy on chicago, where as elias (as good as he is right now) is no longer that guy in new jersey.

        as far fetched as it seems, i think chicago will be trying to make a push for the playoffs, so he'll be getting lots of ice time in there.

        maybe you're right though. it might be good that the trade didn't go through since elias is doing so well right now, hard to argue with that.

    • wow your league is super, hmm, competitive? I'm not sure if that's the right word... paranoid? do you have money at stake?

      basically they think that because you're in first you know something they don't and whatever it is you ain't getting it, lol.

    • Shouldn't have been vetoed, but definitely a blessing in disguise. Elias is on fire, and I would much rather have him right now.

    • he blatantly admitted that he vetoed for a reason other than the trade being unfair...there may be sumthing in the yahoo rules about vetoing that forbids any manager from vetoing other than the reason of unfairness, so look that up if u want the trade to go through or just wanna start a controvery.

    • obviously you completed the trade because you thought it helped your team. if you were in a substantial lead in your league, it would be in the other GMs best interests to vote against the trade.

      we can't judge this situation without being in your league.

    • That's ridiculous! Why would that trade get vetoed? I have no idea. If it isn't a keeper league, I would even rate Elias as the better player right now. Elias is having a great February, in the top ten in the Yahoo game. So if anything, this trade, for the rest of this season at least, benefits the side that gets Elias. Your league is crazy. But at least your in first.

    • If the first place guy in my league made a trade to try and improve his team, I'd vote against it too...


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