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  • bonchprof bonchprof Feb 18, 2008 12:58 PM Flag

    blockbuster: Luongo-Kovalchuk-Crosby-Alfie+++

    I gave:
    Luongo (G)
    Kovalchuk (F)
    Nash (F)
    Gomez (F)

    I got:
    Alfredsson (F)
    H. Sedin (F)
    Crosby (IR)

    Looks like I overpaid? I have D. Sedin so I wanted Henrik. And I have Giguere (picked up off waivers from the guy I traded with LOL) and Lundqvist in goal, and there are lots of decent FA forwards available to fill the extra roster spots freed up in this trade.

    Also, I put a clause in the trade - if Crosby returns BEFORE the 6 week mark of his injury (i.e. sooner than expected), I will trade him back for Luongo, no questions asked (both of our first round picks).

    I'm way ahead in first and was trying to have some fun with this trade, while picking up some of my favorite players.

    What do you think?

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    • at first i thought it was a horrible trade for you. but everyone else is right, its more about the fun of playing fantasy hockey

    • If you're having fun, great, I personally think you would have done better to move a different goalie or walk away. Luongo is almost irreplaceable.

      Case in point I had an offer of Bryzgalov, Iginla, Zetterberg and Wideman for Luongo, Boyes, Parise and Chara and turned it down solely because I'd be giving up Luie for a worse goalie. You're getting no goalie back.

      Still, Sedin is an upgrade over Gomez, Crosby is an upgrade over Nash and Alfie is an upgrade over Kovie so if your goalie stats are strong in a roto league this was a GREAT deal. In a head to head, ehh, jury's out.

    • Hey there bonchprof,

      It's early but thought I'd get the invitations out.

      I'm planning on running a H2H league next year, and I'm inviting specific people that I feel are knowledgeable, active and would play fairly. Would you be interested?

      Basic details: H2H, 10-12 teams, a few more categories than public leagues, set lineups weekly, min goalie starts, etc.

      I have WildDingo, Punch and The King of Kings on the list so far, waiting for responses from Puckhog and Prof Chaos and have a few others in mind to invite. I would put you on the email list and provide more details in due course.

      If so, my email is: europebn@yahoo.ca, and please send with the subject: 'Yahoo Fantasy Hockey 08/09'.

    • Good team you have there. Out of curiosity, what are your categories and their values?

    • Yeah, it's always way more fun when everyone's active and trading players, trying to improve their team but not trying to rip anyone off. Our league is a small 7 team league with standard NHL rosters (12 F, 6 D, 2G). For the record here's my first place team as it stands today:

      D. Sedin
      H. Sedin
      M. Richards
      Ray Whitney
      Ryan Whitney
      Crosby (IR)
      Zubov (IR)

      I've made 45 roster moves (4 trades) and sit almost 500 points above second place (the difference between 2nd and 6th is less than 100 points LOL). I drafted really well and got lucky with some FA pickups early on. Anyways its lots of fun, especially with lots of active GMs.

    • Nice one - like the above poster said, it's nice to see these kind of trades and having fun with it. And the fact that both teams benefit. But why did the other guy drop Giguere?? He's been one of the best goalies in the last couple months!

      I wish my league was like yours - I'm with friends too and the last trade I was offered (about a month ago) was his Jokinen and Smyth for Malkin and Crosby. Sheesh. Been trade offers like that all season (from a couple of friends actually). At least I'm winning the league. :)

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      • He had Ward and Giguere. I assumed he would drop Ward when he got Luongo, but for some reason he thinks Carolina will do better than Anaheim (even without their captain!). So I picked up Giguere off waivers LOL!

        I am the only one in my league who ever offers real trades. The first trade turned out to be absolute robbery - I gave Huselius (when he was red-hot) and Schneider for Lidstrom and Plekanec (basically a throw-in at the time, he had just picked him up as a FA). A few weeks later I felt bad because Huselius went ice-cold and the other GM (also a friend of mine) was struggling to get out of last place and I was coasting along in first, so I traded Lidstrom back to him for Mike Green. Also traded Vanek for Roy. The only other trade was a minor deal, I gave Plekanec for P. Sharp. I've got Kovalev and Markov and so I wanted to diversify my team a bit...

        So yeah, trades are fun, but unfortunately most people get so worried about giving up too much that they don't bother. I was the same way at the beginning of the year, but now that I'm cruising along in first place I can have some real fun with trades and also help out some of my friends in the league.

    • lol, it sounds like fun....so either way, you will have giggy and lundqvist........possibly luongo....or crosby and alfie.......cant lose here.......sedin is better than gomez and alfie is worth more than kovalchuk or nash alone.......

      i like it....especially your "warranty" clause.

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      • Yeah, I'm actually hoping it works out well for the other GM....he's a friend of mine and is in a pretty close race for second place. We're both Canuck fans too so if Luongo does well it's great for everyone lol. One thing though, you said Sedin is better than Gomez - not in our league, which counts SOG and Gomez takes WAY more SOG than Henrik, so his value is significantly higher.

        Essentially, the trade was in three parts:
        1) Crosby for Luongo - both our first round picks. I calculated that Luongo will likely match Crosby's output for the rest of the season, as long as Crosby is out at least 6 weeks (hence the "warranty").
        2) Kovalchuk and Nash for Alfredsson - not so imbalanced when you look at who he had to drop (D. Brown) and the decent FA forwards available to me. Still I think he got the better end of this part but Alredsson is worth it to me.
        3) Gomez for Sedin - Gomez more valuable to him (SOG points), Sedin more valuable to me (now I've got both Sedins!).

      • This is what I like to see.. Wheeling and dealing and enjoying it.... That clause is amazing.... never heard of such a thing.. with gigy and lunq, your still in great shape in goal so the deal works out to be a win win for both parties.... good job


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