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  • Southtown Sniper Southtown Sniper Feb 11, 2008 10:52 PM Flag

    Help with a trade

    Who gets the better deal



    Gonchar/Frolov/Khabibulin.... and by how much?

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    • u 2 man, good luck and take it easy!

    • Ya, sounds good.... but i would have have to be in a h2h leauge to understand fully... but im sure you know whats going on in that h2h stuff.... anyway i better get going here.... thanks for the hockey talk i love that, nothing better than talkin hockey!! good luck with your moves and im sure we will be able to keep up with eachothers moves til playoffs come....lol..... talk to ya later

    • this is the h2h league --- yeah i would be banking on the other guy seeing kovalchuk and his 39 goals and having his mouth water, plus nieds still inspires confidence and people hold him in pretty high esteem....and sharp and stillman is a wash -- just spot fillers at LW and RW for the loss of kovalchuk and his st.louis. thanks, i think i am going to propose it and see what happens....

    • I actually think this trade might go through and that it would be a good one for you (wait h2h or the other one?) i always fear stillman as he can be a bandaid, but he seems to be fine this year really ( knock on would if you make this trade) but i still think it would be good as st.louis/gonchar are alot better than sharp/neids.... but by throwing in kovy as some eye candy.. they might bite...

    • what do you think about this trade offer im thinking of making ---
      kovalchuk, sharp and niedermayer for

      stillman (the newest ottawa senator), st.louis and gonchar?

    • Ya i agree you cant take those offers... my buddy is kicking himself now cause hes having the same problem... i told him to deal him when you could of really had got anybody in the top 10 scoring for him straight up..... but oh well, maybe he will bouce back down the stretch... lol but sorry man i don't have that feeling..lol... but i could be wrong..... you definatley got to get better than nash straight up though

    • im 3rd in a points league also.....but i gotta say, H2H is much more fun --- theres much more involvement on a week to week basis and more strategy involved --- instead of just grabbing the best player, you need to adjust your roster to succeed in as many categories as possible ---- i.e. you can have the top goal scorers but get murdered on assists, plus-minus and PIMs....which count equally as the goals category....its a lot of fun, you would probably really enjoy it.

    • you were absolutely right tho, i should've moved him when he and AO were 1,2 in goal scoring (lol, they still are, but the rest of the league is catching up).......but his value was incredibly high then and dropping each week --- except in the eyes of the absolute believers

    • Well you might not believe me but its my first ever fantasy leauge... not head 2 head just points (G,A,PPG,GWG,PIM,+/-) and i have been in the lead since the first day.lol not s hitting.... i don't ever want to talk like that cause i feel like it will jinx me... next year i'd like to go in a few more leauges..and try a h2h one as well.

    • i kinda did already, but have gotten offers that arent really that great --- nash straight up, which i cant bring myself to do. also got a trade proposed of gomez and huselius.....but i have 3 centers already and am hesistant to touch huse if he is not playing on the iginla line.....kovys a tough sell right now (as far as getting what i consider = value)

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