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  • Brandon Brandon Jan 15, 2008 6:44 PM Flag

    my team: good or bad?

    Get rid of Bouwmeester. I'd also try to get rid of Toskala. Probably Cheechoo as well. Bouwmeester, you can just look to the FA's to pick up someone better (list who's available in FA's by the way). You need to make some changes. For one, you need to find a goalie on a winning team (Hopefully Chicago can pull it together for you again). If Havlat and Hossa stay healthy, they'll be good for you down the stretch. You have pretty solid Centres, and once Carolina kicks its Flu Virus going around, Staal should be putting up points for you.

    Don't just hope to make the playoffs. Your team isn't set up to win once you get there. You weak links are your goalies and your defensemen. Clear up those areas, and hopefully your big guns in your forwards will start producing for you once they stay healthy.


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