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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 15, 2008 6:35 PM Flag

    my team: good or bad?

    I think Your Roster is Not Solid... You are playing to Win many categories as Possible BUT it's not good looking at all.

    Need change desperately.. eventhough Lundqvist Step UP your Other two G's will ruin categories like Sv% or GAA. It's bad combination.

    Usually I don't think too much about D's. Most weeks Forward carries most categories. You may use players for PP, PIM, +/-.. However your D's looks very shaky.

    YOu have good Players overall BUT lacks #1 Guy owners are looking for. Like Zetty, Kovalchuck, Iginla etc.. Hossa is not the guy who can carry your team. He mentioned so many times in trade Rumors. Naslund (Rw/Lw) eligibility that YOu are short of Left Wings. I would trade Kovalev or Hossa for LW's or G's. Cheechoo??? on waivers in few leagues.

    Lacks #1 guy again. Horcoff is currently very hot BUT it's Oilers and will cool down. Staal and Lang is Solid guy BUT need his Linemates Like havalat and Cole etc..