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  • Jason T Jason T Jan 13, 2008 5:01 PM Flag

    Jay O and Bonez!

    Now, I could use your help. Is this trade FAIR OR LOPSIDED?! Team A gets Joe Thornton and Thomas Vokoun. Team B gets Marion Gaborik and Ilya Bryzgalov. IS THIS TRADE FAIR OR LOPSIDED?!

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    • any1 who says gaborik and bryz is better is an idiot. vokoun is much better than bryzgalov and will help u in the long run. joe thornton is just starting to play his best hockey. he is definitely better than gaborik...at least for the past 3 years

    • If you are really good at determining who to start and who will win then I would rather have Bryzgalov. Phoenix has turned it around, his win percentage is much better then Vokoun?s - not to mention the very crucial GAA, which tends to also indicate overall team strength. Bryz has the support in front of the net from the defense on out, something Vokoun should also have but does not. Florida?s fortunes look very bleak even Jokinen (who I think is awesome) is starting to flounder to such a degree that I have even benched him on several occasions. If you have other decent starters in your rotation I would keep Bryz or lose Vokoun.

      When choosing a goalie as a pick up or part of a trade and all things being equal, I usually advocate having the net minder that plays the most minutes on the best team with the strongest snipers, which on ?paper? would seem to be Florida. However in this instance Phoenix, even with its relative dearth of offensive talent, the Desert Dogs for now seem to be the team to beat. Just look at the goal differentials of the two teams, prior to tonight, Phoenix has just 1 point goal more scored against then for, whereas Florida?s is in favour of goals against by plus 14.

      On a points production per game basis Gaborik is ahead of Thornton by about 0.10 points per game and if he had played the same number as Joe, Marion would have about 57. Should you consider his 6 point night a fluke and just credit him with three, then his average drops to 0.03 below Thornton ? so they are essentially equal in points.

      If however your league places a premium on goals over assists then Gaborik is a better choice. If plus minus is counted, then Joe?s probably balances out Gaboriks goals. If SOG is a stat then Gaboriks extra 40-45% shot production will have an impact on his points total. PIM?s are close enough to call even.

      It comes down to the stats you count and which team as a whole that you have the greater faith in; Minnesota might have a slightly less tough conference in regular foes Colorado and Edmonton and they also seem to be getting the most out of its line-up. San Jose, as is well documented has a tremendous amount of fire power ? or rather it did last year.

      Skill and ability just don?t disappear to such a degree as has affected the Sharks- who essentially carried over the same roster from last year ?there has to be some other problem with the team. Similar to the Canucks, San Jose?s offense has gone south, Nabaokov is keeping them in the race but his contribution alone has no direct impact on Thornton?s production (other than to give him the confidence to attempt riskier plays).

      With the exception of Vancouver, the Northwest Conference is relatively generous in goals against ? but other than Los Angeles, the Pacific Conference has a bunch of very stingy net minders. Gaborik may just have the edge given the conference he plays in, where Joe may be in tough with three teams in contention and one on the cusp for a playoff spot.

      Even with so called ?questionable? health in Gaborik against the reduced production in Thornton, I think that it?s a very favorable and even trade for both parties, I like the Gaborik side because I am willing to gamble and try and win big.

    • Actually its pretty even. I would take the Gaborik/Bryzgalov though.

    • Looks even enough. I personally like the Big Joe/ Vokoun tandem if I had to take one though.

    • as lopsided as it gets

    • I am just going back to work after lunch, I'll look at it tonight when I am home (in about 7 hours)


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