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  • angel78fire angel78fire Jan 13, 2008 4:47 PM Flag


    with heatley out 6 weeks does that also decrease the value of his linemates, mainly alfredsson and spezza

    i offered lidstrom and erat
    for spezza and holstrom

    seems fair?

    but really what i wnat to know is if you guys think alfredsson and spezza will continue to put up big numbers or should i look elsewhere?

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    • Alfie could play with a fire hydrant and still put up good numbers. He'll get a ton of ice-time no matter who he plays with.

    • Sorry Jordan, I was in such a rush typing and having lunch that I didn't reread the question after reading the responses. But as you found out Spezza's in tight (but with his 2nd period injury...)

      If you can afford to lose Lundqvist straight up for Malkin would be a very good deal and worth a try. Given how poorly the Rangers are doing - and probably will for the rest of the season - so now might be a great time to move him.

    • i think they will continue the same scoring pace although they will probably have more "minus" games. They will likely get a little more ice time with average production down slightly...

      In terms of your trade offer however, it depends whether the other person needs D. If so then Lidstrom for Spezza is not too bad. I'm not sure about Erat and Holmstrom, it's difficult to say who will be better during the second half (slight edge to Holmstrom).

    • Spezza and Alfi will be fine. That trade is terrible, but maybe the guy owning Spezza will be panicking so I guess its worth a shot.

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      • no he already rejected it, hes got savard, spezza, mike richards and now i just traded him horcoff for his lundqvist, my centremen suck and he doesnt need 4 of them, you would think hed be willing to give spezza for lidstrom straight up? i only have sundin, and koivu for centremen,
        heres what im thinking his goalies suck now that he traded me lundqvist
        hes got toskala, huet and nittymaki
        i got brodeur, lundqvist, ward and budaj

        you think ward and naslund could get spezza/ savard?

    • Alfredson and Heatley survived the loss of Spezza for three weeks this season and I didn't see a flurry to trade any of those three during Spezza's hiatus.

      Use some common sense - the player?s value will be retained even if they all started to play like total crap for a couple of weeks.

      If you?re so worried that the entire future of your Fantasy Team is in jeopardy because a player or linemate is lost, then your season is done already. And if as a GM you think it's time to capitalize on buying cheap - you?re deluded.

      It?s possible that player points production may go down while he?s gone ? but it could just as easily go up. There is enough depth on Ottawa to overcome such a minor blip, he?s gone for 12 ? 15 games and will be well rested for the run to the cup.

      As to your trade offer, sure it?s fair ? if you took Erat and Holmstrom out of the offer. You are the one that?s gone sniffing and it?s going to take more than such a pathetic gesture of generosity to pry Heatley loose.

      Obviously in your opinion Heatley is still worth trading one of the premier defensemen in the league for a guy about to ride the pine for 6 weeks. If that?s what your willing to do ? as a smart GM ? you would wait until the 4th week of Heatley?s injury and then make the offer ? because any smart GM would know to let the other guy waste a roster spot for 6 weeks on an IR replacement, while they kept getting production out of arguably the best Dman in the league. So what if he rejects it in for weeks ? you?re still better off than the FA plumber you would need to fill the roster spot.

    • They'll continue to put up numbers. Alfredsson in particular, seeing how he was moved off the top line earlier to balance scoring, and he continued to put up points.


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