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  • Timmy!! Timmy!! Jan 9, 2008 12:36 PM Flag

    Reaaaally Interesting Trade...

    Ok, so this is the trade I just had offered to me...

    I GIVE:

    I GET:

    Now, I am a HARD CORE Flyers fan, but wouldn't this trade be great for me?? I love Richards but Spezza is the best Center in my opinion (if he played closer to 80 games).

    My Team Would Look Like This After The Trade:

    C: J.Spezza
    C: E.Staal
    LW: Kovalchuk
    LW: Nash
    RW: Havlat
    RW: Kane
    D: Lidstrom
    D: Ry.Whitney
    D: S.Niedermayer
    D: (empty) for now
    BN: Horcoff
    BN: Stillman

    G:Turco, Biron, Conklin, Lehtonen

    What to do?? I am in 4th in a Public 12 Team League...

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    • I think I'd do that. Basically I figure Spezza+Kovalchuk is > Iginla+Richards, and Havlat is better than Tanguay when nhe plays. Iginla is probably the best player in that trade, but Spezza and Kovalchuk aren't far behind.

    • Tough call, seems like a pretty even trade, though with lots of unknowns that could tilt the deal either way. Will Iginla continue to roll? (I think so) Will M. Richards produce at the same pace for the second half, or will he see his ice-time reduced with a healthy Gagne back in the lineup? (probably a bit, he'll get less PP time too) Is Tanguay any good? (I don't like him at all, but if he's playing with Iggy...) Will Kovalchuk score 60+ goals and get his +/- up? (I think so) Will Spezza stay healthy and continue to produce? (yes probably) Will Havlat stay healthy enough to play the rest of the season (probably not, but if he does he's a great player). Seeing as you're in 4th I'd say go for it, you've not got much to lose...

    • i wouldnt do it!


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