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    This is getting sort of annoying. There is a guy in my winner league that is cycling. He constantly is dropping and adding players just to get more players on the ice. (He adds people who play that day and drops people who dont) Is there and actual term for this? I know at the trade deadline he will be screwed because he has dropped some good players and I picked them up on wavers but until then I dont know what to do. He has made 95 moves.

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    • Well good for you guys, when he drop someone worth something pick him up, he's just gonna run out of juice!!!

    • weekly leagues and max moveslagues are for those ont want to hustle and be active. If that is your style as it sounds just gwho det in ROTO leagues where you are limited on total moves.

    • I much prefer guys who cycle or stream in my leagues over dead owners. At least you see they are payng attention and active. And like others have pointed out to pick up a player you have to cut one. If the guys he is using are so good that he is beating you and others then pick them up and you will have them.
      And if it is such a good way to win why arent you doing it? Dont qwe all play to win?? (Herm Edwards)

      In baseball if you stream SP you risk blowing up your ERA and WHIP. In the leagues I am commish of I also add a loss catagory . This still allows those who want to try to win by being very active the chance to do it (Stream) but they also risk three catagories.
      In hockey if you stream goalies picking up backups when they play back to back you may get a few wins but can blow up your GAA and SV%. If you stream forwards you risk blowing up your +/- and as afore mentioned you risk losing a player as they get hot by cutting them to pick up tomorrows flavor ! But dont ever wish away active owners they are much better than dead ones trust me.

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      • Streaming is a strategey that requires a bunch of things to happen to be effective.

        It primarily works if the majority of the league does NOT stream. (So if 2 or 3 of you also do it, he's screwed)

        You really have to be on the ball. You gotta use up alot of time figuring who are the hottest players of the available players EVERY DAY. And it's not just the flavour of the week guys. You have to factor in favourable matchups as well.

        What a pain! Gotta waste alot of time staring at a monitor.

      • Its not that he is using better players than the rest of us in the league, it's the fact that he has more people playing on average during any given week. And yes, I do prefer this streaming to a dead player. But is a winner league and in winner leagues you don't see dead players very often

    • I sorta think I should stop being a bitch about it but it seems just unsportsmanlike

    • The more common term is called "Streaming".

      It started in baseball fantasy when someone figured out you can get WAY more wins if you keep adding starting pitchers for pitchers who were idle.

      The trade deadline only prevents you/him from trading. You can still make add/drops.

      What place is he in the standings? If he is winning than the only thing to do is to continue picking up his good drops. If that doesn't work, then you have to beat him at his own game.

    • Is he winning? And if not is it worth the whining?

      His strategy in the long run will probably not pan out that great.


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