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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 25, 2007 7:16 PM Flag

    2 trades need help....please

    i have brunette and ranger for kariya

    i have backstom bertuzzi demitra for st.louis & fleury

    i know fleury is out for a month

    i have garon conklin and romo

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    • yikes, thats a pretty unreliable bunch of goalies haha, i'm not sure fleury is much of an upgrade though considering how hes played so before *pre injury* i'd look for someone whos more consistant if possible.

    • I'd do the first deal, Kariya'll start tearing it up with McDonald and Boyes. Brunette is a 3rd liner in Colorado, and Ranger has cooled down quite a bit, and when Boyle comes back will be useless. In fact, O'Brien would be a better roll than Ranger -- tons of PIMs and a few pts to boot.

      The second deal isn't worth it at all, at least for now. Maybe if Fleury comes back, but even then. Backstrom'll get less starts, but will post better SV% and GAA. If Demitra stays healthy and keeps playing with Gaborik, then St. Louis won't be too big of an upgrade -- especially since Demitra has LW/RW eligibility.

    • I wouldn't do either of them.

      Ranger is back in the line up and right now hes a decent fantasy d man, Brunette for Kariya straight up yes.

      other trade is a nada for me as well, you don't have a very strong goalie base if you got rid of Backstrom, Fleury is injured

      St.Louis is a big name to grab but he won't get you the PIM that bertuzzi will get you, and Minnesota is on a tear, Demitra will bring in some big points soon.

      Demitra and another goalie for St.Louis and Fleury sure. Don't get rid of backstrom