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  • Nalts Nalts Dec 7, 2007 4:21 PM Flag

    Trade away Miller or Brion?

    PS: The guy I'm negotiating with is my brother, so I have to play nice! ;-)

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    • No you don't - put him in a head lock and give him a noogie until he cries "uncle".

      Seriously though, down grade the deal a little, if its just Pronger your really after send him Visnovsky and Toskela, try and keep Biron.

      Rolston is a tempting addition to any trade but I think you are losing way to much in giving up Ovechkin in this deal - even if it was a one for one trade for Pronger, Prongers a destroyer and Ovechkins the whole battle group.

      However, propose a trade to whoever has Matheau Schnieder in your league, they may be nervous with Niedermayers return and might try to dump him the way Burke is desperately looking to dump salary. He'll be a good addition because if he stays with the mallards he''l still put up points, albiet slightly less then projected. And if Burke trades Schnieder (which might happen) he'll still put up excellant numbers.

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      • He is my "little" brother, so I've done that plenty of times!

        I am keeping Biron over Miller, as I do think the advice above about the Broad Street Bullies winning more games is a valid point.

        My bro really is after goals and is willing to take Kovalchuck or Ovechkin. I like them both (obviously), but figured I'd keep Kovalchuck because he has a stronger supporting cast.

        I still could downgrade a bit or ask for one more guy but knowing he's after goals, that's where I'm at.

        Thanks again!


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