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  • Nalts Nalts Dec 7, 2007 6:50 AM Flag

    Trade away Miller or Brion?

    I received a trade offer where the other guy doesn't care which goalie I give him. Current offer is for Miller. Should I counter Brion since he's sucked the last month?

    My other goalie is Legacy on the IR, and I get Kiprusoff out of the deal.


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    • Who are you trading for? I wouldn't trade Biron

    • Quite frankly I'd reject this trade. Both Miller and Biron are better goaltenders than Kipper this season.

      My advice to you would be to counter this offer and try to add a player that can boost a stat in need by utilizing a displacement trade. While Miller is easily to choice to be dealt over Biron, you can also try to add to the deal. Imagine you have 3 players who have more than 15 assists but have only 2 players with 10 goals. You realize that your lack of goal scoring is hurting you. Add one of your players to the deal for a good goalscorer. You can also try to boost your forward or defensive corp by replacing one forward or dman with a better one through trading. The fact that Miller has slightly more value than Kipper gives you an edge to replace another one of your players with a slightly better one of his.

      So keep negotiating! Get the best deal you can.

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      • PS: The guy I'm negotiating with is my brother, so I have to play nice! ;-)

      • Thanks for the advice.

        Actually, this is part of a larger deal, I just didn't mention it.

        I get:

        I give up:

        If it's a keeper I don't give up Alexander, but it's a roto non-keeper and I'm getting taken to the cleaners.

        I'm doing decent in goals, but lousy in every other offensive category. I'd lose Visnovsky's terrible +/- and gain Pronger's good stats across the board. Rolston should pick it up as well with Gaborick and Demitra back, and I picked Miller up off waivers so I have nothing invested in him.

        I just picked up Toskala who's playing better and a clear #1 over Raycroft. With Biron, Legacy, and DiPietro I'm okay in nets. (no, it's not a very deep league).

        I'm trying not to be desperate, buy I'm in last place in this league, so I can't do much worse! Now my two H2H leagues, that's a different story! LOL!

        Thanks again guys. I appreciate the advice!

    • I actually traded Miller myself a few weeks ago and got Rick Nash and a goalie I've since dropped who was really a throw-in in the deal. I've since picked up Kari Lehtonen off waivers (the day before he was activated) and have been reaping the rewards of it. At the time I traded him, Buffalo was in last place and only had somewhere between 4 and 6 wins (I can't quite remember how many).

    • keep biron. philly WILL make the playoffs. expect millers numbers to get worse. as for kippy. kippy and the rest of calgary always starts off extremely slow and heat up. they will make the playoffs as well. you want goalies who are on teams that will make the playoffs and for one reason. THEY ARE WINNING GAMES. buffalo is the biggest disappointment this year. making it to the eastern conf. finals. come back and go 12-13-1 thru the first 26. get rid of miller. he is like ward and carolina. they both only have to be OK to get the wins.

    • why would you want Kipps?? wait on this trade till he shows signs of life, hes dead weight as this point.


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