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  • RIPped RIPped Dec 5, 2007 11:09 PM Flag

    goalie trade


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    • What is the upside to Kolzig?

      Everbody is freaking out because they are afraid Gerber lost his job, but in reality the Sens were skidding badly.

      Even with Emery in net they cannot seem to play defense as of late.

      I would rather keep Gereber and see where that goes rather then have Kolzig who gives up at least 3 goals a game and will not win many.

      As for Dustin Brown for Sturm, Im not sure but Sturm has been around longer and you can predict what he will do numbers wise.

      Brown has more upside but Im not sure how much we will get of that this year.

      I would hold on to your assets for now.

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      • I can only say what you told me wait and see with Gerber. Olie isnt what he used to be, but he may be better than Gerber if Emery is the #1. they tried trading Gerber during the offseason with no luck and doubt they will do it uduring the season.

        Brown is better than Sturm though.

        Tough call.


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