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  • d d d d Dec 3, 2007 3:50 PM Flag

    ovech trade?

    so i am trying to get ovech from this guy in my league and i need help. its in a 2nd yr keeper league (i wasnt in it first yr picked up for a missing manager). 5 keepers. im number 2 out of 10 right now. he is number 5 out of 10.

    my team:

    1. (9) Martin Brodeur G
    2. (12) Vincent Lecavalier C
    3. (29) Jason Spezza C
    4. (32) Kimmo Timonen D
    5. (49) Jarome Iginla RW
    6. (52) Marc-Andre Fleury G
    7. (69) Chris Mason G
    8. (72) Wade Redden D
    9. (89) Eric Staal C
    10. (92) Markus Naslund LW,RW
    11. (109) Shea Weber D
    12. (112) Wojtek Wolski LW
    13. (129) Chris Kunitz LW
    14. (132) Patrick Kane RW
    15. (149) Ron Hainsey D
    16. (152) Tomas Holmstrom LW,RW
    17. (169) Mikko Koivu C
    18. (172) Anze Kopitar C
    And while koivu is on IR i picked up S.kozlov that someone dropped.

    the first 5 picks were my keepers from last yr. im thinking of switching either staal or kane as my 5th keeper instead of timonen. but thats a bit early to choose.

    but im thinking of offering kopitar/spezza for ovech and someone decent. or kunitz and spezza. do u think he would take those or who is best to offer for ovech. either 2 for 1 or 2 for 2?

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    • udate for those who asked...
      i offered kopitar & Staal for ovech and he turned it down. said only way he would trade ovech is if it was a multi player trade with lecav included. dont think its worth it to give up lecav because im not too interested in his other players

      then i tried to offer to another manager staal and kopitar (with spezza instead of one if he wanted) for crosby. and he said no. thought that would go through. he is second to bottom in the standings with only crosby on his team producing. figured he would get 2 good producers for one but he said no....

    • No, I am not an accountant cause I am bad with money. But I'll leave you to guess my vocation.

    • glade my column turned into the genious talk lol

      but yeah seriously you must be an accuary or an accountant. i am an accountant/auditor and i would never beable to that in my head, and i am good with numbers

      and back to my trade talk lol.. anyother advice. he hasnt gotten back to me yet

    • oh : (

      i was hoping for a program or something. haha, an average joe who has the patience to go through statistics and numbers in depth for a stranger.

      good man.

    • I look at the stats and then work out the percentages / numbers / averages in my head. And no I am not a genius or savant - just an average joe.

    • wow, i'm curious, did you have to go and do the calculations on your own, or do you use something?

      i understand how you got the numbers, but if there's some way to get this info without the b*tch work... that'd be great ;D

    • If Spezza's your "bubble" keeper and this trade doesn't go through I would say keep Spezza in your line-up until the season hits the 60 games played mark and then try and trade him straight up for a top five D-man, to me in a keeper league - thats currently your greatest weakness.

    • wow seriously that was the best ever answer and anylsis i have seen on this message board. great insight. what league are u in i wanna play a keeper league with u...

      but the only reason why im looking to offer spezza is because its a keeper league and he was one of my keepers. if i only trade kane and staal or kopitar then i have 6 keepers and i only keep 5. so thats why im looking to give spezza as he is one of my keepers the other keepers of mine i would rather not give : brodeur, lecav, iginla...

    • Kane so far is a good player - but remember it is very easy to overvalue rookies because they show so much "potential" - but he is just a rookie and this year he may rock but next year could be a very different story. The league is littlered with players that got bit by the sophmore jinx and then spent several years (if ever) trying to regain that same form.

      Have a look at the numbers

      Ovechkins production dropped about 16% between his first and second years, this year he is on pace for about 5% better than last year (96 points)

      Modano - 16%
      Iginla - 44%
      Brindamour - 20%
      Malkin on pace for 68-70, -20% (It's his sophmore year)
      Stasny on Pace for 68-70, -17% (it's his sophmore year)

      Of last years rookie's so far Kopitar has the best chance of exceeding expectations as he is looking at about an 18% increase over last years totals.

      Even your "middle" ground performers you see large drops such as Antropov - 30% and eight seasons till this years "breakout" performance

      Crosby, Kovolchuk and Alfredson are about the only players in the last five years who put up great numbers as rookies and then improved upon them in each subsequent years, prior to that it was Burnaby Joe. And this year Crosby is on pace for around 105 - 15 less than his softmore year.

      I would personally try and "keep" Spezza and trade Kane, because the other GM will probably over-value Kane, where as Spezza's value is well known.

      Good luck

    • yeah im thinking that also, plus i looked back and i will actually get second pick next yr in the draft no matter what position i finish in. so if i really wanted to im sure i can get kane back with an early pick. he is great but im not sure he is keeper material to a good team.

      if i cant get ovech i might go after crosby. that guys team is pretty bad maybe giving him 2 good guys like spezza/kopitar might make him willing to part with crosby. he really has noone else on his team.

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