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  • Veritas0Aequitas Veritas0Aequitas Nov 26, 2007 2:57 AM Flag


    People keep saying he's going to come around, but its 1/4 through the season. How long does it take for this guy to get started? I honestly think he wont do as well this season even from now on cause of the lame defensive core surrounding him. Sorry I drafted him.

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    • Not so fast guys.. Kipper always starts slow, look at the history, then around mid-november he picks it up and shines the rest of the season...

    • Keenan teams either go great guns or self destruct - in Calgary's case, it seems to be the latter. 10-10-3 really isn't all that bad, and the team might still turn it around - as Vancouver seems to be doing- so he still might be a good pick, just not a steller one.

      For the time being don't think of the "Kipper" as your "number one" and only play him against teams that you think he can beat. If its head to head best of luck and hopefully there's a free agent left to grab like Bryzgalov in Phoenix.

      And if things are really bleak in your free agent pool, take a look at Mike Smith in Dallas, his stats are great, he's between the pipes for about a third of Dallas's games - and if Marty "Turkey" keeps it up, Smith could take over the starter role.


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