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  • Mikey B Mikey B Oct 17, 2007 8:51 AM Flag

    Hey guys...Quick question.

    Alright, here it is...Kopitar's on the wire (highest ranked player on there right now).

    My centers include:
    Prospal, (whom I picked up for dropping Backstrom)
    and Comrie...

    I'm leaning towards dropping Bergeron to take Kopitar, but may not make this pick-up altogether, just a thought...what's the general consensus on this one?

    Thanks guys

    Just for the hell of it, here's the rest of my team:

    RW - Guerin, Jagr, Havlat (IR)
    LW - Fedotenko, Smyth, Shanny
    D - Lidstrom, Zidlicky, Rozsival, Phillips, Schneider (IR)
    G - Giggy, Gerber (Just picked up for Roloson)


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    • Dont listen to these guys, drop Comrie. He started out strong but Kopitar is way better. And the rest of your centers are better than Comrie.

    • This is a toguh one ... I'm a huge Isles fan and like that you have Comrie, Guerin and Fedotenko, but I wouldn't drop Bergeron - that guys an offensive beast.

      I'd drop Fedetenko first before anyone. I doubt he keeps up the play.

      Also, you threw your team out their and I must note the your G's are weak. Gerber will be on the bench when Emery comes back and Roloson is playing on a horrible team. Youe offense and defense is good, but I'd say work on your golaies first.

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      • Thanks for your input bro. (Is that your kid as your avatar? -- good stuff, congrats man!)

        Anyways, I agree that Roloson plays for an awful team (hence why I dropped him for Gerber). I'm banking on the fact that Giggy will get back into the swing of things, reverting back to his old self between the pipes...and that Gerber will continue to contend with Emery for the #1 position in Ottawa...I'm sure there will certainly be a goaltending controversy (why bench a goaltender who is doing well?).

        On another note..here's hoping to their lines continuing production!

        GO WINGS

    • Also...should I drop Zidlicky for Randy Jones?



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