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    Huge Trade Offer..Jarg,Broduer

    Hey Guys!

    I have a guy that wants Marty Broduer from me but thinks his stock has droped alot. The current offer is Jagr,Vrbony and Hasek for Iginla,Comrie and Broduer. Now im a little hiffy because of Haske's age and Health but if can stay playing i think Him and Marty are =. I would love to add Jarg i also have Gomez. I could offer up Alfreadson but i think he will do better then iggy..what do you think make the move or not??

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    • I too have Broduer, and have been losing valuable points. I also noticed the devils just aren't as good this year. So I would have no qualms about trading for Hasek(wings fan here). I would have to question the Jagr(fan of his) for Iginla trade. I would normally say Jagr, but you'd have to see where you stand with Goals, Assists, and PIMs. Iginla is better for goals and PIMs, but Jagr has the clear advantage for points and assists. That's basically your choice.


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