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  • i have 4 Cs, and I want to drop one. I have vinnie, and obviously staying put. Here are teh other three:


    Nylander is on the top line, centering overchkin, McDonald is on the top line centering Perry and Kunitz. and Boyes is on the 2nd line but is young and showing great promise with 3 goals.

    Now Nylander had 83 points last year, but with NYR. This year, he has no PP, and is not showing any promise (2 pts and -1 on an undefeated team). McDonald is definately cleaning up with the production of Perry and Kunitz. (3a, 2ppp, and 10pim). Boyes is doing well.

    Who should I drop. or should I try and deal one?

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    • Boyes would be my call. I'm not sold his team.

      Nylander is a close second choice to drop, but he should spend some PP time with Ovechkin.

      McDonald may not have last year's numbers but he is on the top line and centres two decent players.

      Frankly, I would try to deal one (or two), but what is your reason for dropping one?

    • boys now plays first line with tchachuk and karya. nylander doe snot play with ovechkin. hes actually they're second line center because kovlov plays with ovechkin. mcdonald will not have a great season because selanne was the reason he did so well.

    • I would drop Boyes, cause I think he is the biguest gamble. He might do well, but Macdonald and Nylander are safers picks. Nylander will get some points, wheter he plays with Ovechkin or Semin (when he does come back). Patience is the key.


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