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  • Alexandre L Alexandre L Oct 12, 2007 8:42 AM Flag

    Pick up Price, Josh Harding or Osgood

    I want a third goalie (I have Luongo and Turco but I will miss some games) and was thinking about picking one of Price, Josh Harding or Osgood. Huet won't play that much, same apply to Hasek. Not clear yet as for Backstrom...Lemaire talked about platoon already.

    I would probably drop or trade G murrray (mostly drop). Others options on RW: Justin Williams, Maxim Afinoguenov, Dumont and Erat (LW/RW).....

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    • how small is your league? While Lemaire mentioned platoon, he'd have to be an idiot not to start Backstrom whenever he can. I'd grab Price - he's got the most upside. (I just added him in my league). Also, the 4 RW's you listed are all better than Murray

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      • Thanks a lot for the advices. Always nice to have second thoughts. I droped Murray to get Price. Like you said, Backstrom is on fire right now, so it could take a while before we see Harding play. Osgood did not play a lot last year (around 20 games), so he is not that much of a good pick, even with Detroit. I don't think Mtl will do good this season ( I am a habs fan, but I don't live in lala land), but I think that Price will not be sent down. At least not before a while...

    • I dropped Murray for Price myself


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