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  • Anteyethree Anteyethree Aug 31, 2014 7:54 PM Flag


    It's so tragic, the way he was killed, when Kevin Ward hit and killed him on the track 3 weeks ago!...oh, wait a minute, it was KEVIN that got killed!...the way Nascar and ESPN are slurping Tony's joint, and making everything "all about POOR Tony", I thought for sure that TONY was some kind of "victim"!...did you see how all the fans, er, I mean sloppy drunk, filthy #3 hat wearing, snuff dipping, sweat stained tanktop wearing, family member marrying NECKS, cheered him like he was some kind of National Hero!....how utterly SICK!!....what SAD shape this Nascar is in!...I will no longer watch it!!....and EVERY chance I get, I WILL badmouth Nascar!!!....God Bless Kevin Ward's family!....

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