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  • OOZING OOZING Aug 16, 2014 1:45 AM Flag

    What's Tony up to?


    I think he is waiting till the DA announces there will be NO charges.There won't be any. He will then step back into his cup car. Even if he doesn't make the chase. I suspect he will never race anything but his cup car from here on out. I also suspect Eldora speedway will be going up for sale.
    The whole thing was nothing but a tragic accident. Ward simply got closer to the car than he realized and got hit. He sure as hell wasn't trying to jump on the car and Stewart sure as hell wasn't trying to spray him with mud. It was an accident. Foolishness? Sure, if you call every driver a fool. The rule has been made. Stay in your car. They want to be old school they will have to wait till they get to the garage.

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