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  • Dirty Sanchez Dirty Sanchez Jun 28, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    Would you go with Matt or Kyle

    I'm leaning on going with Kyle this week. Matt just can't seem to win this year...

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    • Their too good to hold off a win so I'm going with Matt for the win and Kyle on the bench.

    • I think this is the week that Danica really busts out and shows the world that chicks CAN race with the big boys.

    • I'm writing this in all sincerity, with no malicious - or in any way - nasty intent:

      Do you actually follow NASCAR? Do you participate in Fantasy Racing on any level?

      I remember when I first joined the board, like 6 years ago, you and "Jin English" were always going on-and-on about JA and how great it was, but it was already on it's way out at that time. "Jin English" had a really hot photograph, saying *she* was 53 and from California, and all the guys used to say, "dang, now THAT is a hot older woman" - if it was real she'd be about 60 now, and hopefully still looking fine - but there haven't been any sightings of *her* for awhile.

      Does the JA league even still exist? As long as I've been here, you and Jin were the only two JA members posting on this board, and *she* hasn't been seen for awhile.

      I mean, NOW - it's like you're trying to re-live your glory-daze as *A Party of One*, and it ain't working for anyone, unless you are getting so drunk or high that you can actually pat yourself on the back for some really lame & stupid sheets.

      Why not let it go? Come to The Dark Side - we have cookies and fun, along with beer, bourbon, and moonshine. Not to mention ribs and smoked brisket and coleslaw.

      In all honestly, it really appears that JA is a thing of the past -

      Instead of being it's Dinosaur Relic, why don't you stop the really stupid trolling and talk some NASCAR with us here? You can still be rude and nasty, but since you aren't very good at being either (you have the spirit, but not the wit), why don't you expand your horizons a bit, and post something that isn't just a pathetic attempt at trolldom? Who know,s maybe you CAN talk NASCAR and make some good zingers - we might even end up inviting you to one of our Bar&Grille Races -

      If not, could you at least up-grade the quality of your act? We haven't had a truly good troll here since Slitherin' Assassin died at the tender age of 23 - now, THAT was a loss, he was talented


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