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  • KJPam KJPam Mar 27, 2014 11:58 AM Flag

    What does My Bench mean??

    CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHO I SHOULD PICK ON "MY BENCH" Is it driver's I don't think will win or WHAT???? Please help me understand!!!

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    • It means your erse is sittin' on the pine.Jus a little baseball talk b4 opening day

    • Like John D said: You pick your 4 starters. Now your bench is 4 back up drivers. After your line-up is locked on Friday you still can switch your starter with you bench. Example: Say in your A group you have Jeff Gordon as a starter and Dale Jr. as your bench driver. Gordon wins the pole and Dale Jr. is 10th. Then on Saturday in practice Gordon hits the wall and is injured just enough that he cannot race on Sunday. Now you would be getting a big fat 0 points for your A group of drivers but you have a bench were you can switch Gordon out and put Jr. in to save the day.

      You can switch drivers up until 5 minutes before the race starts. There is a blue box next to your drivers. Just click and drag a starter over your bench driver. You can only switch a B driver with a B bench. A with A and C with C

    • Yes Pam..exactly..Them bench drivers ail increase your score come the end of races..WHACK!!

    • Yahoo allows you to pick the 8 most favorable drivers for a particular race. Then based on practice and qualifying you get to use the best 4 out of those 8. That way if one doesn't qualify, has a baby, gets a sliver in his eye and can't race you still have other options. You can swap your bench for starters by clicking and dragging the drivers blue box. Bench are often used as "sleepers" or long shots or just that gut feeling you think that driver will win or finish well that week. But if it doesn't pan out during practice and qual then you leave him on the bench. That help? You have been playing 5 weeks without using your bench? lol You know how to switch drivers right? Click the red x and then the green + on another driver? Just askin. Good Luck


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