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  • Benny Benny Oct 26, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Kevin Harvick

    In my opinion, he showed little class towards the company that made him a millionaire with his comments after the Truck race today.

    Without Childress, Kevin would have never got this great ride back in 2001 after Dale Earnhardt Sr unfortunately passed away.

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    • I understand his feelings, but with 10 to go if you block and brake check you get spun.. There is nothing Austin could have done about it. He was being pushed into Harvick and was spun himself because Crafton and the truck behind him just wanted to the front. He let Austin get his nose in under him...It was over at that point... He chose to pinch him and then brake check him... Harvick was just mad because he knew he got schooled.... He was not the fastest truck on the track, so he did what he had to do... So did everyone else behind him...

      You can remove Harvick from any line ups the rest of the year.... His car will be tuned down the rest of his time in an RCR car.... After his statements, he needs to just take over for Tony and let Austin have his car....


    • i always wondered if maybe taking the #3 prevented him from getting a great ride at hendrick,gibbs or roush.he was rookie of year and busch champ "99 and "00.........

    • who knows what he's had to endure behind the scenes though......you might take offense to some wet behind ears kids coming into the workplace and suddenly you're suppose to treat them as equals because ol' grand dad owns the joint...jmo

    • Thank You, Benny! I admit, I have a real admiration of Kevin Harvick that may prejudice me -

      BUT, I thought Richard telling his grandson to keep trying to spin Harvick was a bit.....immature and unprofessional - especially for being both their team owner.

      IMHO - Richard SHOWED what is going on with THAT one - I respect him, but it seems he has put his grandsons above all else - which is his right, just -

      It is also a good reason for Kevin to leave - and Kevin had a right to say so - he's probably been holding it in a long time. I think a lot of people have noticed that -

      Richard has diverted his attention and owner's provisions AWAY from his drivers, and TO his grandsons (IMHO) - again, his right,

      AND, it is his legacy that he is protecting -

      BUT - the extent to which it preoccupies him was shown by his telling Ty to spin Harvick, and "not take any *****" - hey - that is his Cup Driver he was telling Ty to eff with!


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