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  • ya gotta luv it.their two-tier justice system cost MWR a bigtime long term sponsor, and penske didin't even get a slap on the wrist. how long before MWR shuts down? there will be perma-frost on the furnaces in hell before i watch another nascar race!

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    • Hell doesn't have a furnace dipwad! Ooops, off topic. Leave the races and this board and we'll all be happier!

    • NASCAR doesn't suck...BILL #$%$ FRANCE JR. does. Leave the drivers alone. This chit goes back to Phoenix 11/11/12.….Gordon/Bowyer make contact & Gordon comes back around to take Bowyer out & half of the field. Gordon was #$%$ the CHASE then. Bowyer just came back at Richmond to take out Gordon with all 4 tires and not wreck anybody. Real victim in all of this is Truex.

      Bill #$%$ France is ruining this sport with his #$%$ playoff version of NASCAR. If you are fortunate enough to be part of the LUCKY SPERM CLUB, you better do things the way your DADDY wanted them done. Get rid of the #$%$ chase & let the drivers race to the very end…. it is the way NASCAR should be

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      • Till just now, I hadn't realized what you have pointed out Mr. Wiser....yeh, no shift!....elephants and racecar drivers DO have long memories.....Bowyer might not have been such a willing participant to MWR's scam, if he couldn't "kill two birds with one spinout".....he loved that "itching his arm" could possibly keep his best friend Jeff out of the Chase....
        I'm not a fan of the Chase either....at least not the way it is set up now....let's harken back to when all racecar drivers started out....you know, when they were 4 years old, driving Go-carts....what did daddy tell little Johnny?.....I think it goes like this: "pass every Cart you see in front of you"...."go to the front and lead the race".....then long about age 14 or 15, the "underhanded" stuff starts to appear!....stuff like: bumping other drivers to intimidate or pass them.....then the crew chief starts talking things like: strategy, fuel mileage, tires, and yes, MONEY!.....and heaven forbid, "deals with other owners/drivers/crew chiefs"....
        Pretty soon, the main focus ISN'T: pass every car ASAP, and lead the race!....do you know why that is the case????....because NASCAR gives you a WHOPPING 1 (one) point for leading the most laps!!.....think about that.....a driver could lead 499 laps of a 500 lap race, and have a flat on the last lap and get 1 (one) WHOLE point!!!!....the driver in 2nd leads 1/4 of a lap, and gets 5 (five) points!.....
        If you want "PURE" racing, where EVERY lap is "contested"....all you have to do (Nascar, are you listening?) is give a bonus (I say, at LEAST 5 points) to the driver that leads the most laps!!!....then, virtually EVERY driver would "go 100% all the time".....like Nascar THINKS they will now!!!...just because France said so!....it's so simple!!!...but maybe not!....because after all, we are dealing with a sport that is still run by folks whose neck is..................RED............Lapsled Jones

      • I get the stupid troll of the day award. LOL. I said that wrong... Bill Jr. started the mess after Sr & Brian France has just made a joke out of it. My point was really just to say get rid of the Chase....never have liked it. If they could add Gordon why not just keep Truex too. There is no evidence to show that Truex knew anything and he was removed. Gordon screwed up the chase last year for Bowyer and everyone knew it from that huge fight. I hate how NASCAR makes the rules up as they go along. They should have just left Truex in and let them fight it out on track.

        Feel free to give me extra dumbs down for being the stupid troll of the day!

    • Stevie,if there's gonna be permafrost on the furnaces in hell b4 you watch another race then why are you here? Don't go away mad,just go away. Problem solved

    • wah wah wah.........lets see, who spun first, who pulled into the pits, and who called the shots ????MWR deserves what it got... I like MWR I don't like cheaters and cry baby's

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      • @ steve h-- first, u have to understand that penske is a major stockholder in Nascar & Int'l Speedway Corp coming from the time period when France Jr invited him into the fold to put his racetracks under the same umbrella, next u should understand penske would love to get rid of brian france and brian would love to get rid of penske- & so it goes when two titan billionaires ( w/a/ B ) are not happy, But the seats a @ their tracks keep getting more & more empty.--Side note ** waltrip shot himself in both feet not paying attention to what's going on. been there done that, but I'm still a fan for whatever dumb reason.

      • JR is right,cheaters never win.Mikey is a good guy but learned a huge lesson this time.


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