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  • Mike Helton Mike Helton Sep 14, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    Further Penalties and 14th spot added for Chase

    As all of you are aware of, we have been reviewing audio, video, scoring information and other data from the Richmond Race. We reacted earlier this week and upon further due diligence, what we are determined to do in addition to other actions we have taken, we have decided to put Kyle Petty on probation for the balance of the season for actions detrimental to NASCAR for his continued asinine commentary and ridiculous ponytail. In addition to that, do to the totality of events that were outside of the control of Tony Stewart’s issues with the breaking of his ankle, we are going to add a 14th position to the field for Tony Stewart that he will qualify for the Sprint Championship Chase this year. We believe in looking at it all. It is an unprecedented and extraordinary exception we are making, but we believe Tony’s broken ankle put him at an unfair disadvantage and we are tired of hearing him cry over it. To preserve the integrity of NASCAR, I, Mike Helton, hereby declare Tony Stewart will be competing in the 2013 Sprint Championship Chase in his new sweet Mobil 1 Motor Scooter.


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