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  • AJ Turtle AJ Turtle Jul 29, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

    You know why they went after Randy Weaver in the first place? Or David Koresh? Because the became loose cannons.

    LIke Jerry was in the movie with Mell Gibson and Julia Roberts. The only reason I'm able to be able to send this if I can, is because they want you all to think I am nut!

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    • It seems to me that the government of this great nation, owes not only it's citizens a explanation for the past, but what is occurring now. I am feeling the effects of my past statements, and I do stand by them still. I don't think that if you have a open forum of media, like the internet, that you shouldn't be able to allow the users the freedom to speak their minds. I feel that I've been censored of late for some of my previous comments. We'll let it go! There were worse things I could have said. The fact is there aren't any clear rules for what you can put out into the World Wide Web? Only too know that later you were in violation of your actions! This Nation is in a decline of denial and it needs to stop! We are not going to able to survive if we keep trying to solve all the world's problems, while the Chinese grow ever more stronger. Billions of dollars $ here, billions of dollars $ there? Our Men dying for this or that, where there is nothing accomplished ten, fifteen years later? We can't go on like this. It shouldn't be acceptable. Call me a revolutionary, well the names on the place were they build the memorial, I'm sure they won't start with mine!


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