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  • Doug Doug Jul 14, 2013 7:04 PM Flag

    dont understand

    I dont understand., Last year i really didnt realize that you could only use drivers for a maximum of 9 races, so i went like 7 or 8 weeks with no points., now this year i have been a lot better., but i still dont understand how i could be behind 1st place by that many points., when i am switching my drivers., i realize they wont always have a good week., but to be behind by like 800 points!!!! everyone else has the same rules as far as switching drivers., so how is it possible? i can understand 300 to maybe 400 pts behind., its like loseing a hundred and some points each week to the 1st place team..

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    • Kudos on keepin' on trying. It can take awhile to get the hang of it all. There are a lot of good sites and resources that can help. If you look for Mark Garrow's weekly column and bi-weekly fantasy racing chats at ESPN's Stock Car Challenge site (the chats can be found by searching for "Mark Garrow Fantasy NASCAR Focus" and are awesome) - those can help a lot with making choices for your roster and then with picking the best starters. One of the very best sites is Darren Fauth's Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet - but you have to pay for a membership to get the most detailed information - - it is worth every penny, but you may want to wait until you know how committed to fantasy racing you are. There is another good site -" fantasy nascar preview" - that has good discussions on who to choose and start in their forum. If you start utilizing these and other online resources, your scores should really improve! Good Luck!

    • keep tryin kid....lol

    • Maybe read the rules & spend a litle time (like me) or maybe alot in research b4 races.I/m not doin' the greatest this year but i/m not close to 800 points behind the leader.Good Luck

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      • You must be choosing the wrong drivers every week. I'm going to recommend that you stop using B drivers Bobby Labonte and Juan Pablo Montoya every week or every other week........and don't use Joe Nemechek as your C driver, and if you have used Denny Hamlin as your A driver a few times this year........that's why your 800 points behind!!!


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