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  • nascarjunky nascarjunky Jul 13, 2013 6:58 AM Flag

    Then take all the points

    So this week we're going to start taking points away from us when a driver's car get a violation AFTER qualify? So go back and take the points away from all the other races too. Have all the cars that got sent to the back of the field ALL YEAR lost their qualifying points? NO THEY HAVE NOT. Or is this case special because it was a post qualifying inspection and jimmy effen johnson. There is NO difference between starting at the back because of an engine change or because of this stupid violation, its still starting at the back. What about post race inspection violations, are you guys taking back those points too?????? Jimmy got 2nd qualifying points awarded, now their gone. And I hate jimmy so no this isn't a JJ thang. Go back and make ALL the point penalties count then.

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    • There is a difference, an engine change is not a disqualification.... Cheating chad got him chopped... The points were removed because he is not officially starting 2nd. he is starting on a provision.... A change of engines is not a violation... it's apples and oranges my friend.....



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