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  • matt matt Apr 23, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    1st Year dynasty league trade

    Standard 5x5 roto settings. 16 Team League. 1st year dynasty
    I get: Giancarlo Stanton
    I trade: Freddie Freeman, Jordan Zimmerman

    Would love to get some feedback. Right now i'm not thinking I'm gonna do it, but it is an intriguing offer considering Stanton's a buy low guy and was on pace for about 48 homers if he was entirely healthy last year.

    My Team:
    C Jarrod Saltalamacchia
    1B Paul Goldscmidt
    2B Dan Uggla
    3B Manny Machado
    SS Jed Lowrie
    OF Mike Trout
    OF Michael Morse
    OF Starling Marte
    Util Freddie Freeman
    Util Pedro Alvarez
    BN Drew Stubbs
    BN Danny Espinosa
    BN Travis d'Arnaud
    BN Mike Olt
    BN Cody Ross

    SP Madison Bumgarner
    SP Matt Harvey
    RP Kenley Jansen
    RP Brandon League
    P Jordan Zimmermann
    P Ross Detwiler
    P Jeremy Hellickson
    P Miguel Gonzalez
    DL Cory Luebke

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    • I don't play fantasy baseball but I love it & follow it, passionately. Stanton is young enough to work through his various body injuries he has had over the past few years (leg & shoulder). However, there is one that worries me and it is his eye injury. It started in 2011 & has carried over & taking that blow to the head the other day didn't help. IMO…he can't see & pitchers are picking up on it…Stanton can't hit a breaking ball. The guy has been a monster at the plate before but the word is out on what to pitch to him…just something to think about when you review those "stats" & why….either way…GL to you :)

    • Matt...Matt, ah...hey Matt...you're on the wrong board dude!...you don't want to be here!...trust me buddy....just think of it this way: a tiny 3 day old kitten wanders into a cage of rabid fighting dogs on meth!!...slip out quietly bud....and thank goodness you didn't engage with these freaks!!....this place is full of social misfits, thickheaded rednecks, alcoholics, drug addicts, ego maniacs, generally stupid people, uneducated morons, losers in life, dangerous types, etc......I am the only normal person here....and that's because I am doing government research on the socially distorted....you are lucky I noticed you when I did!....my grant runs out soon, and I too will leave this sordid place!....I will be making my final report to my superiors soon, with the names of the "to be eliminated" list....soon after this MB will close, and a new and improved MB will start up....a MB with "controlled access", and monitoring....so, have a nice day Matt....(code name) Mojo

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      • A 3 day old kitten doesn't wander...just sayin'...

      • Oh Mojo.... In my best "Old Man" Voice from Pawn Stars....."Oh Muy Gawd! Chumly"

        I agree he is on the wrong board. This is Nascar. But as far as you being the only normal one here.... Bwahhaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaa. Ok man. Keep thinking you are OK and it's the rest of the world that is fugged up. If that's what gets you through the day and lets you sleep at night, more power to you . Thanks for the chuckles. lol I still don't hold it against you. I know you were treated poorly when you arrived here and never got over it. But that's no excuse to profile everyone here, beside yourself, into the same catagory.

        Matt, on a serious note are you talking Football, Baseball, or what? Try one of those boards, you will probably get a better response. We are just a bunch of Red Neck Nascar Fans. And that's not necessarily a bad thang. Good Luck with that.


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