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  • John D John D Apr 21, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    Not Eligible

    Now THAT'S the Spirit Mojo! Turned over a new leaf of cooperation huh? Ok then. Do as I say....

    John, that message was there at the beginning of the week to warn you the driver was not entered so you could pick a new one before the deadline.

    And they make the first deadline before qualifying, so you can earn qualifying points. I mean, otherwise just give everyone 19 points each week right? If everyone could change drivers After quals' then what would be the point? Understand?

    And your bench allows you to swap out a driver who you may have not noticed wasn't entered or didn't qualify with one that is or did. If you want a pick up until race time forum then go to Nascar Live or even FOX. This one works just fine for those of us who have been playing it for years. Petition if you want but this is the way it's always been and we kind of like it the way it is.

    Good Luck the rest of the year. Check your picks on Wednesdays and you probably won't have those messages or issues in the future.

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