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  • Mojo Mojo Apr 15, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

    IMO.....jody railey's post

    This a classic example of why this MB is like a morgue!!!!!...a person comes on and relates a problem about their line-up, and (at last count) 5 of you jump her/him!!!!...nice way to build a MB!!!...what is it with you people?....you appear to be fine with having a 7 person MB!!!!....you always "jump bad" on new folks!!!....what would be wrong with: yeh jody, the system can be frustrating, but why don't you try this buddy?.....wait a minute, THAT would not afford you the opportunity to act "too cool for everybody".....Mojo "anyone that agrees with my take on this, have your say here, I have to think it would help bring something positive to the MB" Workin

    PS: do the right thing and apologize to jody....(yeh, I'm sure)

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    • Who Me? I apologize for correcting someone's grammar. Who am I to talk? lol my typos here are legendary. Sorry, my bad. You won't hear that very often so copy, paste and save.

      I am sure I have used your and you're incorrectly myself more than once.

      As far as Jody goes.... I have people in my league who can't set their lineups every week. One sweet lady who has been in my league the past 3 years uses dial up and it takes her an hour sometimes just to make her picks. Another person had his puter crash this year and has to go to the public library to make his picks and substitutions. Kudo's man! I don't think I would have the patience much less the tolerance to do so. One persons father in law has been in and out of the hospital a couple times already this year. But I have never heard any of them complain once. They just apologize for not being able to set their lineup and ask I that I don't delete them from the league. They know my rules. And I understand that people have lives that take priority of fantasy.

      And Joey has been doing this for four years. They know the rules by now. In this day of technology being out of town is no excuse. I don't leave town often but when I have my lap top is one of the first things I pack. And just because, for whatever reason, they can't swap out his drivers and end up with a NE in his lineup they want to take their ball and go home? They quit in week 7 because of one bad week? One bad pick? Wow really? If that was the case I would have quit at Daytona. But I started at the bottom of every league I am in this year and have slowly clawed my way up. I am not at the top yet but making progress. When I do make it, it will be all that more rewarding to look down and know I started way down there, stumbled and fell a couple times but got back up and kept climbing. But Joey say fug it I'm done. I am going to delete my team and quit, and then blame someone else for my error. And you want everyone to apologize to a quitter who blames others for their missed step? I don't think so Mojo. By now they know the rules. And they should have known that Dinger wouldn't be racing this week before the deadline. If not that is why they have a bench. But if they want to pack their bags cash in their chips and leave town, good riddance. And let everyone kick them in the ask as they leave.

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      • Jody*, not Joey. Beg your pardon.

      • John...the fact that you have made such an intelligent reply to me (which I agree, is "right on the money" with a lot of it) shows that you get my real point of the post....I think the same can be said of Motor and RB....(RAZR, I don't know)....if you folks truly are satisfied with a 7 person MB, I have no problem with that....the thing is John, calling someone a dummy, is seen by other newcomers....maybe "no response" at all would have been better....that's IF, you are interested in building this MB....again, maybe you are not...I can say to everyone, that it is best to wait till at least Wednesday, to set your lineup....some times driver changes happen later...Mojo "nobody hates a guy that gives up in ANY competition, more than me" Workin

    • I call a spade a spade and a whiner a whiner. Did I say anything you can't agree with... If he comes out talking talk, we'll talk, but blaming Yahoo for his own obvious faults... I only call it like I see it. If Boo whooing is all he can bring to the table, there will be plenty more to take his place... Wait till Yahoo actually screws up. LoL.


    • yeah cause you've never given anyone here a hard time........lmao

      gimmie a break....for most part ive jus let you go on and on w/ your silly games.....honestly i could care less what goofy bs you spew...but for you to say anybody needs to apologize out here is ridiculous

      anywho...i doubt anybody is gonna apologize....lol

      btw...thank kyle for all the fantasy pts that he's earned me 2013

    • The ones that don't come in with cannons blazing get back what they give. The ones the do...
      Without limits, we have a lot of what is on here now and in the past.

      Smelling the flowers is just fine so long as somebody doesn't step on your head while you're bent over.

      That one came in cannons blazing.

      Personally, I'm a lot more okay with a few, personable and reasonable posters than a lot with cannons blazing. You wouldn't be able to hear a thing. My old iggy list is still working. Without it, this would be impossible to navigate, mush less have a civil discussion about racing.

      Instead, just filth.

      Take er easy, man.;)


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