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  • Mojo Mojo Apr 7, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Tark "The Shark" makes HOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RAZR... ya might want to know what you are talking about when you post such BS!!!!.....absolutely not on the "cheating scandal"!....NEVER!...and I get so tired of the "myth" that Tark cheated!!...to the contrary, Tark sued the NCAA in 1992, when they accused him, and he finally collected $2,500,000 about 10 years later when he won in court!...another thing that those of you that don't do your research don't know, is that all of Tark's success was accomplished W/O NEVER having a McDonald's All American on his roster!!!....Duck, Kansas, Kentucky....always 4 or 5 on their roster!!....Tark did more with less than ANY coach EVER!!!!..IMO, he is THE best ever in the NCAA!!!...the disdain for UNLV basketball around the country, was and is, a "Sin City" thing....Mojo "watching Tark's UNLV teams at the electric Thomas & Mack, were THE best sports moments EVER for me" Workin

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