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  • Pritzi Pritzi Apr 6, 2013 12:17 PM Flag


    I wanted to bump this before it got too buried (see below). The "mindset" you reference…I'm thinking an Astros fan…LOL. Anyway, what a great way to start out the season & Darvish is my guy vs. your guy, Harper, as for rookies last year. We talked about them a lot last year here…will be interesting to see what comes about this year…your guy has started out as a banger too. You also know Josh Hamilton was a favorite of mine too. Opening day here was brutal for him and as a Ranger's fan, I am embarrassed by how we acted. People forget…business is business & we were never going to give him anymore than a 1 year contract. Not only that…many considered him a "liability" & wanted him gone. I pray he stays the course in LA but if he doesn't…he picks himself back up & says "I'm only human." I never wanted him gone…despite his last month playing here…you take the good with the bad & we never would have made it to the World Series back-to-back without him!

    On a side not, I know you are a betting man, so a little "info" for you…that great game Darvish pitched…he split his skin late in the 6th on his ring finger…sure does make it difficult for him to throw all those pitches from his bag of tricks….Rangers are starting him tomorrow anyway & I don't think the Angels plan on being "angels"....

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    • I think Yu's near perfect game is something that needs to be discussed out here....BEFORE his next start....yeh, we do have the Final Four going on, but near perfect games are a big story anytime...and Harper isn't missing a beat with his start this season, after his ROY season last year....on the Hamilton deal, the fans are just flat out wrong!...Josh doesn't deserve that BS...I hope smokes the Rangers today!....4 HR's and 9 RBI's....oh, and knowing of a split finger on a pitcher, is good info if you are betting!....GL to Darvish in his next start, and to Josh too...


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