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  • Bogey Bogey Apr 2, 2013 1:09 AM Flag

    Pritzi,listen..I'm not here to make

    enemies.Mejo was actually a friendy gesture made by Sam Elliot towards Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse." Guess ya never saw the movie. Just ask next time.

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    • I know that, Bogey hence the post I made to you (Spanish ref.) & I have seen the movie. It really caught me off guard to see ANYONE using such a sweet term towards Mojo. That could be a message board first…LOL!!!

      As for myself, I didn't mean to snap at you. I came out here yesterday to check/make a post for something else and got majorly distracted by what was being said out here. I don't come out here as much as I use to…so I don’t know everything that is being said but I completely misread your comment to think that I was getting tied into old message board "antics" of years gone by….I'll leave it at that…I don’t want to go into details. Just smile in knowing that I went temporarily crazy for a good hour so…LOL

    • Pritzi!!!! Listen!!!!....were you crying when you said that!?!?....Translation: help I need moral support!!!....I've been a fool, and can't back away from the keyboard!!....(see: Mojo has crushed me, and my head is spinning!!)....

    • BOOOOOOGER ALERT !!!! Must hang on ! Bands are slipping ! IQ points falling ! ....Nevermind.

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      • Hey Hoagie, I'm feeling very nonconformist at the moment. I don't know who you are or your other IDs & I don't care….I just know under this one you make me laugh a lot (on this board). You have a great avatar & being from Big Bone Lick, KY is just a riot!!! Anyway…I gotta give you props for a quote you put out here awhile back from Bad News Bears…for such a "controversial" guy…you put out an extreme clean version of such a WALLOP of a LINE from a KIDS MOVIE…I caught the humor…the restraint you showed was hilarious!!! Just thought you should know...


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