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  • Mojo Mojo Apr 2, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Mojo reveals 1st fake ID's......

    Don't sweat it Motor, all in fun....

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    • I'm not sweating it... Like I said, I had 19 ID's all created exactly alike... I'm the king of alternate ID's I had one B&G post that I used all 19 in. I think a many of my alternates joined in on the fun too... No one could tell I ever changed, well at least not my avatared profile... I also have my fun ones, which I have let the cat out of the bag a few times which ones I am... I have been low class before and created an ID to say something stupid and #$%$ people off. Not in a few years though.. I'm here for fun and my many personalities are along for the ride... LoL.

      The troll is the one worried... He is asking himself "Can they really tell who I am?" Answer: Yes and we don't need to see an IP addy to tell. LoL.



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