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  • MoToR® MoToR® Apr 2, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Mojo reveals 1st fake ID's......

    Hmmm curiosity is getting the better of me. I can only think of a couple ID's that have been used in the past few months... This one and one other. So I wonder who your friend has me confused with...

    I could be wrong I may have another pro_jackson logged on to one of my laptops, but that no one can tell. I did at one point keep different ID's up on different computers.. it was part of my survival of the fittest routines.. I would change my ID's about once a week so the deleter could not steal an ID. It took multiple reports to delete an ID, so once I received a Letter, that ID was parked... for years it has been why so many went nuts trying to remove me.. There was 19 ID's created identical... all looking just like this one...


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    • Throw some names out, I'm not skeered. I have nothing to hide... If I don't like you, I don't have to go hide behind another ID. I'll tell you right to the screen, ask anyone, right John D.. We got off on one of those tangents when you 1st came out... Even you know Mojo, that I say what I want when I want, regaurdless of how PC it is. In fact I'm more likely to go for the nonPC way just for the shock factor... LoL.


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      • I couldn't have described you better....

      • LOL Yup. That's why I ask why he was surprised when he "figure out" you had more than one ID. Everyone knows that duh. And Yup this one and ProJackson were the ones I know of. I thought he might come up with something more interesting, but obviously not. He must be going back years in the past when people were 'initiated' into this MB. I haven't played high school games in decades and wasn't about to start then, or now.
        The trolls here are also probably victims of the initiation days and still are trying to get even. For me it's water under the bridge. I am not one to forgive and forget but once the battle is over it's over unless someone starts a new one with me. And then it's on like donkey kong Jack. But then then you of all people know that. If I have a problem with someone they usually know it.

    • Don't sweat it Motor, all in fun....

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      • I'm not sweating it... Like I said, I had 19 ID's all created exactly alike... I'm the king of alternate ID's I had one B&G post that I used all 19 in. I think a many of my alternates joined in on the fun too... No one could tell I ever changed, well at least not my avatared profile... I also have my fun ones, which I have let the cat out of the bag a few times which ones I am... I have been low class before and created an ID to say something stupid and #$%$ people off. Not in a few years though.. I'm here for fun and my many personalities are along for the ride... LoL.

        The troll is the one worried... He is asking himself "Can they really tell who I am?" Answer: Yes and we don't need to see an IP addy to tell. LoL.



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