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  • Mojo Mojo Mar 27, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

    Looking for "Sweet 16" discusion.....

    Does everyone realize that not one team from the state of Texas, made it into the 68 team NCAA tournament field?....not one!....that might be a first....at least it hasn't happened in a long, long time....the Mojo man is rooting for Florida Gulf Coast....and then Wichita State....that would continue to make it interesting....IMO....what say you folks?....Mojo

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    • Louisville is by far the favorite... but given the choice I would take the Wolverines over anyone. Their shooting percentage is peaking more every game... I cant see anyone contending with them on the grand stage other then maybe Duke but whoever makes it outta that bracket will be bruised and banged up too much to keep up with Michigan.

    • Mojo.............I too am rooting for Florida Gulf Coast, a number 15 seed has never made it to the sweet 16 until now. It's a great story and those kids can play some basketball. I think they will have a very tough time with Billy Donovon's Florida team, they play really good defense. This has been a great tournament and I have watched almost every game I could, even took the first two days off from work and went to my brothers for wings, pizza and beer............and beer, and beer LOL. I still say Louisville wins it all.

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      • I know Rick, they will be in very tuff with FU....but I'll take the 13 points with FGCU, and watch the game...I think they can "cover" though...you know you were "breaking new ground" by calling in sick to watch "March Madness" don't you?....a government worker would NEVER do that!....if you held a gun to my head, I'd say Louisville too....watch that VA computer use bud....Mojo

    • Don't know if you are just trying to rub salt in the wound (no TX teams in since 1977) or just jinx your Cinderella Team but anyone who is following the Sweet 16 knows the South Regional is being played right here in Big D at Cowboy Stadium (Fri/Sun). Those Harvard Boys thought they were SO SMART by "Saunders-ing" into what they thought was going to be the biggest bracket busting for 2013. Little did they know that those Eagles would be soaring Back-to-Back, breaking them all, and finding Cinderella's Slipper. It "Sherwood" be nice to see them make it 3!!!

    • I am overwhelmed by the response to my post!!!...please keep it up!!...Mojo

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      • I'd talk with you about it, but it would be like talking to a wall for you with all that I know about it.

        I'm racing only. I stopped watching the other sports as they descended into corruptions.
        Steroids. Gang bangers. The people in the sports had no respect for their own sports sometimes. I can't keep track of all those teams anyway.lol

        Somebody will come along and say something intelligent. It just won't be me.lol


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