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  • Mike Mike Mar 25, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    I no im going to get blasted for this post....

    Ok getting off the little roo & tony & denny soap how about the job "dale jr" has done, yes yes i no he always starts strong but im likeing how in control and they seem to be able to keep up with the track ablilty to not fade into the sun. im just saying to much talk about joey joey joey lets talk about how jr looks like he in the 8 car again lol....

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    • No blastin' Mike,good point...Jr. is back in a car he is more comfortable with.No friggin' Indy like spoiler,more down force,a showroom car if ya will.I just don't see him falling back like last year plus Joanie is right about his focus.I don't know where he found it but he's more engaged this year than ever.He's gotta lot of years left,maybe Tebow gave em' one of those Wichita State pep talks.

    • FYI Mike, since Joey came into Nascar, he has MORE wins than Jr.....Jr. is doing OK these days, because, IMO, he has adopted a "let's just try for top 5's" kind of strategy.....not really a "charger" at all....I would like to see a win now and then....but yes, he IS doing very well overall these days....Mojo

    • Yep - there ARE other things going on in the world of racing, and that is a big one.

      He IS taking it seriously this year - changed his diet, is working out, lost 20 pounds, and a brand new focus & attitude, to boot.

      I think he knows his time is running out, and if he wants to go for the gold, he has to do it now.


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