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  • Mojo Mojo Mar 25, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    I no im going to get blasted for this post....

    FYI Mike, since Joey came into Nascar, he has MORE wins than Jr.....Jr. is doing OK these days, because, IMO, he has adopted a "let's just try for top 5's" kind of strategy.....not really a "charger" at all....I would like to see a win now and then....but yes, he IS doing very well overall these days....Mojo

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    • Really?!?! "Joey….has MORE wins than Jr." .....Oh #$%$….Busted...you bring a Lack of NASCAR Knowledge to an all time low on this MB….FYI in Cup Joey has 2 wins & Jr. has 19....what kind of "NECK" math are you doing????

      You officially get the “Idot Dummy Award” for today....you're game slipping...ROTFLMAO

    • ok ron i take u are married to joey, look joey sucks then now and in the future i dont care who he drives for #$%$ they could put him in the dam pace car to lead a lap for all i care and FYI how about we just see how things pan out before you but your hubby as the next ahh lets see oh michael waltrip

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      • /me Grabs bag of chips and waits for the show....

        You wanted to get some mojo on, you picked the right guy.... Or is that wrong guy..

        Waiting with anticipation.


      • Well, alrighty then.

        Jr is doing better this year. Part because of the car and part him. If he can maintain these type of performances, he should be a factor in the Championship.

        That's a big if with 30+ races to go. But they are showing promise that they have a handle on the new car.

        I'll also say that I believe that Jr went to school on JJ to get insight into that team's success and some of it sunk in.

      • Hey Mick....(I figure if your, what appears to be lame self, can call me Ron, I can call you Mick)....you have already made it apparent that you can't possibly challenge me on ANYTHING, let alone Nascar savvy!!...but I can see some potential entertainment value for me, in "exchanges" with you Mick....however it will wait until I (Mojo) decide to allow it....if you are lucky, I'll see you later....Mojo "yeh, this might be fun" Workin


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