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    Vote for @($)($)hat of the week

    This week it is Joey against Tony...

    Joey over drove his car to take out Denny. Denny is now facing some unwanted vacation time.

    Tony made a fool out himself pouting about something he has done many times... even going as far as to throw a punch at Joey...

    My vote for @(S)(S)Hat of the week goes to Tony Stewpid... For making a fool out himself, not just once, but twice on TV...


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    • I could not help but think of how Blocking is a page out of Smoke's playbook - he may not like others doing it, but he ain't shy to, himself -

      - and, I recalled how, when a young Jeremy Mayfield pulled Dale Earnardt's signature "bump-and-run" on Dale for the win, Dale went over and told him, "You're Number One" - he congratulated Jeremy for beating him with a perfect execution of his signature move - now, THAT was class.

      I do love me some Smoke, but that type of intimidation and insulting Joey's upbringing - which Joey didn't choose, he was born into it, and has handled responsibly - for doing successfully what Smoke wrecked the front half of the Dega field trying to do last year - was punk.


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