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    Hamlin update -

    from jayski:

    "JGR STATEMENT 2: Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) driver Denny Hamlin suffered a L1 Compression Fracture following an accident on the final lap of Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway. Hamlin hopes to be released today to fly to his home in North Carolina where he will be evaluated by Dr. Jerry Petty of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates later this week.(JGR)(3-25-2013)"

    That's gotta hurt.

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    • same one i fractured in my back.he will be completely out of the car til may or june atleast.
      it hurts like jhell just to take a leak let alone go around a race track under all that force in the car.

    • and everyone thought I was just churning the waters... My back didn't lie.. As soon as he went down after getting out of the car I knew what he felt... Been there done that... There is not much but time that can heal it.. The biggest thing the doctor is going to to tell him is "ABSOLUTELY NO MORE JOLTS TO YOUR BACK..." He will be watching from up top of the pit box coaching someone in his car...

      I compressed L6 and L7 I believe, Basically directly behind the sternum. L1 is the one they sing about, "The back bone is connected to the hip bone" That has to be awful, ever twist and movement that vertebrae has to adjust or pivot. He won't even be able to get in the car... If he did he would most likely have to be cut out if he was involved in another accident... Martinsville is a sub for sure.. How many races, could be a real shocker to some... 3 months minimum is my guess... That is if it don't require surgery... That would be more than just a compression fracture though. If they had said rupture, for certain that would be the end of a 13 season for him..


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      • It sucks. And, once you get one, it always comes back (no pun intended). I've spent my fair share of time up on cripple creek with three lower fused vertebrae and a badly messed up knee - from back when I thought I was invincible...

        Jeff Gordon has been far less aggressive since his back problems, IMHO - when you know you have a fragile back, it inhibits your style a bit, just knowing the price you can pay for a good jolt.

        Maybe to compensate, Denny will learn to be smart and wily as opposed to just knockin' 'em out of the way......

      • Glad he will be ok, not a big Hamlin fan, but I can tell you I can't stand Joey, at all....he sucks, he will always suck, he sucked with Gibbs, he will suck whoever he drives for.........looking forward to him getting his butt taken out race after race with the #$%$ that he pulled. Motor....you know I'm a Smoke fan, not saying what he did was right either, we all know he has caused a few here and there.....Smoke should of taken him out when he had the chance. Tough break (no pun intended) for Denny. I'm guessing Joe Gibbs is glad he let that snot nosed punk go at the end of the year.

    • I wonder if little smelly Joey gives a #$%$ now.

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      • Something tells me, No!!

      • A Denny fan? I think Joey did what Denny taught him to do... Denny is no nice guy on the track. Denny has made his bed and now Joey gave him a little time to rest in it... I do think Joey over drove his car and was at fault in this, I think if Denny did not provoke him this week on twitter, Little roo would have not used denny's tires for his traction..

        I would have got all over Joey had he not gone for that win... He was one of the strongest cars on the track all night...

        Joey has come to Penske with a team mate who likes him. He is driving with a winning attitude. Yet still driving past that break point. When (or if) he learns to dance on the edge with out going over, he will become a real driver. I think the only thing he did wrong was push that corner way too hard. I can't blame him though. Could you watch your rival win and not have a say in it... Checkers or wreckers, That is what everyone watches for right? Boys have at it....

        It's a tough break for Denny but I have said it would come down to this or worse... That head on impact could have been worse, much worse... Anybody remember Dale Earnhardt?


      • In all truth, he had no idea Denny had any problems when he made his immediate post-race statement - he'd been busy with Tony, and was getting that sorted out when he got grabbed for The Hot Interview.

        He'd been harassed by Denny via social media for a week, and had an *eventful* end to his race, and then was jumped by Tony, and he has been told repeatedly to "Toughen Up" and "Not Back Down" - if you listen to his interview, he sounded like he was trying to be pragmatic, not angry.

        I'm sure it would have gone differently if someone had managed to tell him Denny appeared shaken -not-stirred before he grabbed by an interviewer.

        He's a kid trying to come up fast, & there is a lot of weight on those skinny shoulders, whether he has been privileged or not - his dad's been a Stage Dad and Joey has been a dutiful, talented son. He suddenly had two of the sports biggest "punks" (Smoke is my driver & I adore him, but even I have to admit he can be a punk sometimes) jumping all over him in true punk form in a very short period of time, and was trying to handle it the best he could without backing down.

        What would others have done? Yes, a more experience driver would have said, 'I hope Denny's okay" whether or not they knew they if Denny had danced a jig or fallen down when he got out of his car - but it takes a lot of composure to think clearly after being jumped by Smoke - his interview was an attempt to be pragmatic but strong without a chance to catch his breath and get all the facts.


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