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  • Mojo Mojo Mar 25, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Tombo...I'll let you out of bet bud....

    With the "special" season that Kyle appears to be embarking on, you will probably have to say your piece, pretty much every week....I didn't mean for the bet to cause a problem with you and me....I know I can be rough on folks when I get "wound up" about my drivers....so if you want let out of the bet, it's OK bud....good luck in the league, you beat me yesterday!....Mojo

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    • kyle has a "special" season every year,he just dont always take full advantage of them.
      i wouldnt use him in my lineup if he wasnt good.
      just remeber what i said in your other post yestarday and that its true.like everyone is saying kyle seems to have changed a little so shouldnt his fans too?
      i am not upset with you there was a time i would have but were are friends now.
      it was a great race no matter who won,would have been better if kryle didnt win but it was still awesome race and we need and want more of that kind of racesbut without kyle being the victor,lol.


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